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Career Services Center (CSC)

Sophomore - Explore

You have finished your first year in college and have completed some core and distribution courses—learning a little more about yourself.  You will continue to take more courses in different areas and probably wonder how they apply in your major or future career.  Before the end of your sophomore year (prior to completing 60 credits) you will be required to declare a major.  This is a time when you will EXPLORE your options about courses, getting experience, and learning a skill.  You may want to take some of these steps:

  • Explore and assess your own values, skills and interests and how they relate to your academic course work and career aspirations.  Utilize a self-assessment tool to assess/reassess yourself.
  • Research career options by utilizing career exploration tools.
  • Attend “Major/Minor” fair sponsored by academic departments and student services.
  • Meet with academic advisors and departmental faculty advisors to get first-hand information about your degree requirements, majors and career options.
  • Take an elective – a course that’s of interest to you or that you’re curious about.
  • Acquire computer skills relevant to your major or industry.
  • Begin preparing your resume –  attend a “Resume Workshop” offered in Career Exploration & Development Center.
  • Gain experience in a field related to your career interest through an internship, volunteer work/community engagement, work-study program or summer job.