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Career Services Center (CSC)

Internship Experiences

Houleye Thiam, Social Work

Internship Site: Small Business Development Center

Houleye Thiam, Social WorkAs a student at Lehman, I interned at the Small Business Development Center, where I served as the Coordinator of the West African Immigrant Project. My duties were to identify the needs of the West African Immigrant community and I surveyed and conducted one-on-one interviews with the African Immigrants. The most common need that I found was communication service. Besides working with the African immigrants, I also wanted to find out what kind of services banks offer for this growing population. Unfortunately most banks do not have any services that cater to these immigrants. My next step was to convince banks to implement services for the African immigrant community. In doing so, they will increase their clientele among this population, and they will become more trust worthy for the African Immigrants to use. I also conducted financial literacy workshop for my clients, with the help of my wonderful co-workers. I loves working at the SBDC; it has been a wonderful learning experience for me.

Antina Kirilova, Accounting

Internship Site: H&R Block & MTA

Antina Kirilova, AccountingEverybody says that internships are very important. They really are. They look good on your résumé and make you feel more confident. Through the internships, I acquired knowledge and skills, which were impossible to be obtained in the classroom. 

The internship at H&R Block was a real challenge to me not only because it required tremendous amount of class work and on-the-job training, but also because it gave me the full responsibility of handling a job. I enhanced my knowledge in the taxation field and improved my technical skills, and also I learned how to treat the clients with more care and understanding, with respect and integrity.

The internship at the MTA showed me the real meaning of teamwork. It required communication with management and other supervisory staff members. I was able to apply my knowledge in auditing, which allowed me to fully understand the functions of the internal control system at the Disbursement Department.

It would be impossible to have these great experiences without the assistance of the Career Exploration & Development Center. I appreciate the help I received from all staff members—they were always there when I needed them.

Wen Zheng, Accounting

Internship Site: MTA

Wen Zheng, AccountingAs an intern, I had a great time at the MTA. They placed me in the department of Buses Paratransit. In my department, my director gave me a lot of opportunities to learn what life is like in the office and what business administration is. I had a chance to design and post the project w-32645 budget form. I prepared the project reports for the capital manager. I also participated in Change-Order meetings and negotiated with contractors. I used my computation skills and analyst abilities to develop the AVLM units. I helped them to check order prices and make sure those prices were correct. From these experiences, I got to apply what I learned in school to a real work environment. It is a wonderful internship.

Li Li,Computer Science

Internship Site: ABC, TV

Li Li,Computer ScienceThis internship helped me understand more about the concepts of networking, web server, oracle server, database system, and operating systems.  I was involved in various web development projects; supported applications for three sites: abcanet, medianet, and disneyco. While working on every assignment, I learned programming in Perl, Java server and client side script, PL/SQL. Not only did I gain technical hands-on experience but I also developed confidence in myself.

Angelique McMichael, Mass Communication

Placement Site: WABC TV

Angelique McMichael, Mass CommunicationThis past summer, I had the opportunity to work for the "Like It Is" show at WABC-TV. As a Production Intern, I enjoyed working with the production staff. My duties included assisting producers with Pre-Production and Post-Production task for the show, greeting guests and escorting them to the green room, helping out in the control room, and sitting in on editing session with the producer. This experience helped me gain knowledge and experience I need to become successful in my chosen field.

Keyla Ford, Biology

Placement Site: Bellevue Hospital

Keyla Ford, Biology"Life in the ER... awesome doctors... steps I hope to follow... I am now more eager to change the world, myself, and to save lives one day... Although we weren't paid, I wouldn't change a thing because the memories I now possess are far too priceless. This experience was truly a hidden glory."

Quittsel Del Rosario, Accounting Major

Internship Site: HACU, defense Contract Audit Agency, Dayton, Ohio

Quittsel Del Rosario, Accounting MajorThis internship opportunity allowed me to develop personally and professionally. This was my first time away from home and I learned to be independent while actually gaining hands-on experience in auditing. I loved it all - the people, the environment, the field. I didn't want to come back.

The following is a list of companies that have placed Lehman College students in internships:
  • 1199 SEIU
  • Bronxnet
  • Center for the Performing Arts at Lehman
  • CNN
  • Diabetes Relief Centers of America
  • EG&J Publishing
  • Free Arts
  • Frito Lay
  • Harlem Hospital
  • Keyspan-National Grid
  • Major League Baseball
  • Mosholu Preservation Corporation
  • MTA
  • MTV
  • Muslim Women Research Institute
  • NY Presbyterian Hospital
  • NY1 News
  • Peer Health Exchange
  • Rogowsky Internship Program
  • Small Business Development Center