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Career Services Center (CSC)

Senior - Commit

You should be ready to make decisions about your job/career options or attending graduate school.  It’s time to integrate your choices, experiences, and knowledge acquired in the past four years and make a COMMITMENT by taking the steps that will open the door to your career or furthering your education. 

  • Design a job search strategy plan – how and where will you find job leads and career resources.
  • Continue to refine your job search skills through the workshops available in Career Exploration & Development Center. 
  • Prepare the tools needed for the job search – resume, cover letters, academic and professional references, portfolios, and appropriate professional attire.
  • Update your registration with Career Exploration & Development Center via Symplicity to learn about and be considered for on and off campus job openings. 
  • Attend Lehman’s Career Expo sponsored by Career Exploration & Development Center, other CUNY sponsored job fairs and other job/career fairs in the tri-state area to learn about opportunities.
  • Use internet, job databases, and other resources to research and identify prospective employers and job opportunities.
  • Maintain a job search/networking log to keep a record of all employer contacts.
  • Create a Linked-In account to develop a professional network.
  • Register for and take appropriate admission tests for post-graduate study.