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Graduate School Information

Graduate School Preparation

Are you considering Graduate School?  Have you clarified your career goals?  Is a graduate degree required to enter or advance in your field? If you answered yes to any of these questions, graduate school is the right choice. Graduate school is a major investment in your time, money and future so you want to make sure you are clear about your career goals and you are absolutely ready for the challenge.

Where do I start?

Meet with your career counselor to discuss your plans and learn about the graduate school process, attend one of our workshops on attending graduate school and learn more about graduate programs at Lehman and CUNY.

Start early! Approximately one year before you apply to graduate school you should reach out to the programs of your choice, attend information sessions, and meet with program representatives to learn about admissions and academic requirements. Please be mindful of application timelines, your preference for full time versus part time programs, and support programs while pursuing your degree.

What does the application process entail?

  • Undergraduate Transcript – This is your official record of all courses and grades taken at the undergraduate level
  • Recommendations – Most programs require students to submit 2-3 recommendations.  It is important that you include one of your professors, others may come from your jobs.
  • Graduate School Exam scores – Every graduate program will list the exam(s) that is required. Common exams include GMAT (most Business programs), GRE (various programs such as Psychology and Education), LSAT (Law programs), or MCAT (Medical programs).
  • Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose - Typical topics include: a description of your career goals, an explanation of what you hope to get out of graduate school, a discussion about your academic interests and achievements. Your statement must demonstrate you passion and what is unique about you.  Please make sure your statement is edited for content, grammar and clarity. 
  • Interview – Graduate programs may require you to take part in an interview. The interview is your opportunity to show the admissions committee that you're a person beyond the test scores, grades, and portfolios. You must demonstrate that you possess the qualifications the school desires.
  • Fees – Please be mindful that there is an application fee which usually ranges from $75-$150.

What other resources would be useful to me?

Contact the Pre-Graduate School Advisors - Prof. Suzanne Yates at and Prof. Keith Happaney at to receive assistance with your graduate school plans.