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Career Services Center (CSC)

Internship Resources

There are various tools you may utilize that will assist you in identifying internship opportunities. The more resources you explore, the higher your chances of securing the right internship.

Workshops (highly recommended)

  • Internship 101
  • Interview Series 1 &2- Steps to Preparing for the Interview/Ace Your Next Interview
  • Maximizing Your Internship
  • Symplicity: Includes online internship postings from employers in different fields. Login and go to “Jobs” then “Career Services Jobs and Internships”. You must have an approved resume on file to apply.
  • “Boost Your Resume with Paid Micro-Internships and More!”: Parker Dewey is a partner platform that connects students and employers on paid Micro-Internships of 5-40 hours in scope.  These experiences help students to get a foot in the door and receive feedback on their professional skills and preparation, as well as being a new way for employers to vet talent.  Sign up for the workshop to learn more.

Comprehensive Internship Websites

There are a number of websites to help you identify available internship opportunities- these include all industries/fields.

Here are some Internship Websites which are specialized for your field of study.

  • Internship Fair (Fall semester)/Career & Internship Expo (Spring Semester)/Employer Info Sessions: Provides you with the opportunity to learn about the various internship opportunities offered by employers in your field of study so you may obtain the hands on experience needed to achieve your ultimate career goals.
  • Networking: Make connections with professionals in industries in which you are interested in order to tap into the unlisted opportunities. You can: attend seminars, lectures, job fairs, company tours, and other events; use social media (LinkedIn); join student clubs & leadership programs; participate in volunteer opportunities & community services; reach out to current or former employers; connect with Lehman alumni through CEDC Alumni Network; directly target companies through the HR department (calling is usually more efficient).
  • Individualized Career Counseling: Meet with the CEDC Internship Coordinator in order to develop your individual search strategy and participate in the CEDC Internship Program. Prior to scheduling a meeting with the CEDC Internship Coordinator, you must first meet with the Career Counselor in your major to develop your knowledge of the industry and have your resume approved.

The CEDC Internship Program provides assistance in researching, locating, and applying for internship opportunities through events, online resources, and directly connecting you with internship positions. Career coaching is provided in order for you to clarify your professional goals, implement learning objectives, and make the most out of your internship experience through individual appointments and attendance in workshops.

Utilizing the support services in the CEDC Internship Program will enable you to:

  • Be more prepared for the internship experience
  • Become a more effective self-directed learner
  • Reflect upon your internship experience and apply learnings to your career path