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Career Services Center (CSC)

About Employer Engagement

Your recruitment needs are our priority!  Our goal is to connect your organization with quality candidates and to build ongoing partnerships to benefit both you and our students.  We offer a number of recruiting opportunities throughout the year. Employer engagement initiatives will be facilitated virtually for Spring 2022. To continue working with us, you can request:

  • Electronic Job Posting - Log into your Symplicity account to post your available positions at
  • Resume Books - A Resume Book will allow students to view the opportunities that you are recruiting for and choose to have their resume included in that book which will be available for viewing/download by you. All you would need to do is log into your Symplicity account and select Resume Books on the navigation bar located on the left side of your screen.  In order to create your Resume Book, we would need for you to complete the Resume Book Creation Request providing us with information that will be included for student viewing. At any time throughout the established submission date, you may log in and view the resumes of students/alumni applying to your positions as well as download those resumes.
  • Resume Screening – CEDC will screen candidates based on your job requirements and provide you with the qualified candidates.  Please allow one week for receipt of resumes
  • Information/Recruitment Sessions – Connect with students via ZOOM to speak about your organization, open positions, qualifications and application instructions.  Students will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.
  • Career Conversations - Join us as we connect you to students who would like to learn from professionals about the skills, knowledge and qualifications needed to begin and succeed in your career.
  • Annual Job and Inernship Fair - Connect with Lehman's diverse student body to meet your recruitment needs.

We wish you the best and look forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 718 960-8366 or  

Lehman College has been recognized for its quality academic programs and college experience.  


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What is On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)?

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) is used by employers seeking to hire interns and entry-level employees from Lehman College’s diverse, bright and talented student population. Employers also recruit for more experienced candidates.  Each year, employers recruit on campus through: Career Fairs, Internship Fairs Networking Events and Employer Information/Recruitment Sessions.

How will you benefit from OCR?

On-campus recruitment is a great opportunity to build your employer brand, fill career related positions with fresh talent, and gain new perspectives.

What are the OCR options to engage students?

We understand how important it is for your organization to effectively target the right individuals when you hire. As such, our team is dedicated to bringing your company closer to the talent found at Lehman College. Below are the many ways your company can engage and recruit our students throughout the year.

Online Job Postings – Post positions via Symplicity Career Management System free of charge

Career Fair – Join over 100 employers each spring to interact with a diverse talent pool and pre-screen potential candidates for career opportunities

Internship Fair – Infuse new energy into your company by identifying rising talent

Selective Recruiting – Receive resumes of qualified candidates

Recruitment Sessions – Meet with students to promote your employment opportunities

Informational Seminars – Advise students on the day-to-day operations of your company and career opportunities

Career Conversations – Have professionals from your organization educate students on specific careers in a small group settings

Site Visits – Facilitate customized tours of your organization

On-campus Interviews– Utilize our facility to interview candidates

What is the recommended Offer Deadline Policy for employers?

We encourage employers to be understanding and willing to give students ample time to carefully consider all of their employment options in order to make informed decisions. Lehman College students are also encouraged to pursue opportunities in which they are genuinely interested, and to evaluate all extended job offers thoughtfully and carefully. To establish a fair, competitive and ethical recruitment environment for both students and employers, The Career Exploration & Development Center requests that organizations use the following offer guidelines:

Summer Internship Conversion

For offers of full time employment extended to summer interns, offers should remain open until October 10th

Full Time Jobs and Internships

For all other offers of full time employment and internships, offers should be open for a period of three weeks

 If your hiring timeline falls outside of these preferred windows, and/or a student may ask for an extension or exception to these dates:

We expect employers will:

  • Communicate hiring timelines clearly and as early as possible
  • Demonstrate flexibility in working with students to consider reasonable requests
  • Not place undue pressure on students to make offer decisions

We expect students will:

  • Not accept offers for employment while continuing to pursue other opportunities
  • Make requests for reasonable accommodations in a timely manner
  • Work under the advisement of CEDC and inform us of any instances in which our stated offer dates cannot be met

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