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Career Services Center (CSC)


Find an Internship

Internships are great experiential learning opportunities which guide you in making the connection from classroom learning to the professional world. Internships allow you to explore different career fields, gain practical work experience, learn new skills, earn academic credit (if applicable), and provide networking opportunities so you may increase your marketability for a full-time job and establish your career.

Planning Your Internship Search

Always begin your search at least one semester prior to your desired internship session. Declare your major and research the industry in order to get a better idea of your desired career path and opportunities that you may be interested in. Be ready to: Prepare, Plan, be Patient and remain Positive!

Internship Strategy Guide

Students can make an appointment to meet with the CEDC Internship Coordinator to identify resources for internships and throughout the internship experience for career counseling support. Below are the steps for participating in the CEDC Internship Program.

Prior to meeting with the Internship Coordinator students must:

  1. Schedule a meeting with their Career Advisor to have their resume reviewed and approved if this has not been done and/or been approved on Symplicity
  2. Upload the finalized resume on Symplicity for approval by their assigned Career Advisor
  3. Complete the CEDC Internship Program application either in person at the time of the appointment or bring completed application to scheduled appointment with CEDC Internship Coordinator


Click here to complete the CEDC Internship Program Application


Always be vigilant in applying for and accepting internships. Keep in mind the following:

  • An offer must be finalized in writing after you have met the employer in person
  • Do not give your personal bank account, PayPal account, credit card or PIN numbers, Social Security number or other personal financial information to a new employer
  • Do not agree to have funds or paychecks direct deposited into any of your accounts by a new employer - you should know them first
  • Do not forward, transfer, send by courier (EX: FedEX, UPS), or "wire" any money to any employer, for any employer, using your personal account(s)

Review the Core Essentials to Avoiding Job Search Scams