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Career Services Center (CSC)

Internship Guidelines & FAQs

In order to ensure that your internship is a valuable learning experience and your goals/objectives are met, the following forms are required for your internship and must be completed by you and/or your internship site supervisor. Each form must be signed and returned to the CEDC Internship Coordinator at Shuster Hall room 254 or via email by the end of the first week of your internship. Failure to complete and return forms will cause an interruption of the internship experience. Adhering to these guidelines will allow us to evaluate and ensure the quality of your internship site.


Am I eligible to do an internship?

You must be a matriculated Lehman undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing. Some internships may require related course work and specific class standing (i.e. sophomore, junior or senior). Eligibility is also contingent upon meeting with your Career Counselor to finalize your resume.

Who should do an internship?

All students are encouraged to complete at least one internship or practical experience prior to graduation.

Why should I do an internship?

An internship is an excellent way for you to become prepared for the professional world and gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to begin your career after graduation. In addition, employers are more likely to hire candidates with actual work-related experience. They also use internships as a talent pipeline, often hiring their successful interns after graduation. Your internship provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Connect and apply classroom learning to the workplace
  • Develop skills related to your career path
  • Evaluate your career choice and industry environment – is this the right career for me?
  • Learn to network and find mentors
  • Build your resume with valuable work experience

When should I do an internship and when should I start looking?

It is recommended that you begin your internship search when you have declared your major and have taken at least two classes in the major. You should start looking in the semester before you want to work – at least 3 months in advance. Keep in mind that internships are learning experiences, but employers are more likely to choose candidates who have knowledge to help them understand the work being done and who can make a contribution.

When do internships take place?

Most follow a semester schedule (begin in September or January) and may last for either one or two semesters. Internships are also available in the summer and some are rolling- you may stay for a specified time agreed upon you and the employer as per your school schedule. It is difficult to find a good internship for the January intersession – many businesses have limited operations because of the holiday and the time is too short to learn much about the organization.

Are interns paid? Can I earn credit?

Many internships are unpaid, although some companies provide a competitive salary or stipend for travel and/or meals. You may receive credit with approval from an academic department.

In what fields can I gain experience?

Internships are available in all fields for all majors. Some of the most common areas are: Accounting, Business Management, Communications, Computers, Economics, Education, Environmental Affairs, Government, Health, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Science, and Sociology. The work you do will vary with the field and with the individual organization. You may be asked to perform certain routine tasks such as filing or running errands, but these tasks must be a small part of the work done. The internship is intended to be instructive and to introduce the student to the work of a professional in the field.

How do I search for an internship?

The internship search process is similar to looking for a job, you are not “given” an internship by the Career Exploration & Development Center. Refer to the Internship Strategy Guide for a review of the process and Internship Resources. You are encouraged to utilize all CEDC resources and support services to find and secure an internship. In addition, you can research reputable websites, network and go to company sites to look for an internship. As part of the CEDC Internship Program, your resume may also be circulated to companies seeking interns with your career interest. If you are seeking credit, you must check with the academic department in your major to ensure that the internship you are considering will be acceptable.

What happens if I am hired as an intern?

Once you have been interviewed and offered an internship position, you must inform the CEDC Internship Coordinator as soon as possible. You will be required to complete a Learning Agreement with your site supervisor. This form outlines your goals and the duties you will be expected to perform. If you are seeking credit, make sure to register for appropriate course(s) through the academic department.

What happens after I complete the internship?

Your site supervisor will complete an evaluation of your performance which is submitted directly to the CEDC Internship Coordinator. You will need to complete an Internship Site Evaluation Form & submit to CEDC Internship Coordinator. Also, you must schedule a follow-up appointment with the CEDC Internship Coordinator to update your resume.