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Career Services Center (CSC)

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is the mission of the Career Exploration & Development Center?

The Career Exploration & Development Center (CEDC) assists Lehman students and alumni with all phases of their career development to help them transition from college to career. We strive to provide the highest standards of comprehensive services and practices so they may successfully meet the challenges of a globally competitive job market.

What are some of the services available to students and alumni?

The Career Exploration & Development Center provides the following services to current students and alumni:

  • Individual career counseling
  • Résumé and cover letter critiques
  • Presentations and workshops
  • Job search strategies
  • On-campus recruiting events and information sessions
  • Assessment inventories
  • Interview preparations
  • Career Expos

Where are you located and what is your telephone number?

The Career Exploration & Development Center is located in Shuster Hall 254 and the Career Lab is located in Shuster Hall, Room 229. You can call 718-960-8366 or stop by our office for an appointment or to obtain more information.

How do I make an appointment to see a Career Counselor?

Visit the Career Exploration & Development Center in Shuster Hall, Room 254 or call 718 960-8366 for an appointment.

What type of workshops do you offer and when are they scheduled?

The Career Exploration & Development Center conducts a variety of career development workshops including:
Deciding on a Major, Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Job Search Strategies and Interviewing Skills. For a complete listing and schedule visit Symplicity.

Does Lehman College have a Job Fair?

Yes. In March 2018, 98 employers attended our annual Career and Internship Fair.  The annual Career Fair is held during the spring semester.

How do I learn about opportunities with the government?

There are many career opportunities with the government; however, you will need to schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor for help creating a government resume. There are websites devoted exclusively to government jobs. Most United States Federal Government agencies require you to be a U.S. citizen. Apply online at USAJOBS for federal and state employment and at NYC for city jobs.

FAQs for Students/Alumni

Who can use career services?

Currently enrolled Lehman College student can use the Career Exploration & Development Center and the Career Lab. Alumni are eligible to use our services with a valid Lehman Alumni ID which can be obtained from the Alumni Relations Office located in Shuster Hall, Room 318.

What is Symplicity?

Symplicity is our career management system where you are able to:

  • Post your resume
  • Apply for employment/internship opportunities
  • Find resume, cover letter and other document samples
  • Complete career assessments
  • Learn about and RSVP for workshops and events

How can I get help choosing a major?

Your Career Counselor will assist you to identify career options that connect with your skills, abilities, values and interests using assessment tools such as FOCUS 2, the Strong Interest Inventory and informational resources.

Where can I work on career related projects?

The Career Lab in Shuster Hall Room 229 has computers for your use. You can work on your resume, cover letter, conduct job search and print materials.

What resources can I use to explore career options?

There are many different sites that you can visit to gain a better understanding of jobs that are relevant to your field. ONET, Focus 2 and the Occupational Outlook Handbook can also help learn about different jobs that are available to you. The link will show you the types of jobs for which your major might prepare you.

How do I get help with my résumé?

If you don't have a résumé, you can obtain samples through the document library section of Symplicity or by visiting the Career Exploration & Development Center. Use one of the examples to help you compose your résumé. Make an appointment with a Career Counselor to review it or come in during "Résumé Walk In" times (call the office for the schedule).

Do I need a cover letter?

Yes. This is your opportunity to highlight your potential contributions to the company based on your qualifications and accomplishments. See the literature rack outside of Shuster Hall, Room 254 or in the documents library on Symplicity for a Cover Letter Guide.

How can I practice my interviewing skills?

You can make an appointment to practice with a Career Counselor or RSVP for one of our Mock Interview Workshops. You should attend our workshop, "Mastering the Art of Interviewing" or speak with a Career Counselor to prepare for the interview process. Students must attend this workshop to qualify for the Mock Interview Workshop. Please check Symplicity for dates and times.

How can I gain experience in my major to make me competitive in the workplace?

There are many ways you can get work or job experience.

  • Internship. This experience will give you a head start on your career and allow you to apply academic knowledge in the work setting. Internships also provide opportunities to network, build professional relationships which might lead to job opportunities.
  • Volunteering. This is a wonderful way to not only gain work experience but also to explore whether you would like to work in a particular profession.
  • Work-Study. The Lehman College Work-Study program allows you to develop workplace skills and gain valuable experience.
  • Part-time Job. Getting a part-time job can help you gain valuable experience and more confidence. If possible seek a position in your field that will help you build skills to meet your future goals.

How do I research employers?

Most companies have their own websites with valuable information. Be sure to read the mission statement and goals to understand more about the company and how you might be a good fit. You can also use Google and to get additional information.

How do I find employment opportunities?

Symplicity is an excellent resource for finding part time, full time employment, internships or fellowships. There are also many other websites that your Career Counselor can provide you with. Before beginning your job search, make sure you are ready with, (1) a well-constructed resume; (2) a cover letter, and; (3) strong interviewing skills. Attend some of the Career Exploration & Development Center workshop or make an appointment with a Career Counselor.

When should I do an internship?

You should consider doing an internship as early as your sophomore year and before you have graduated.  

What are the steps I need to take to identify internship opportunities?

During your freshman year be sure to have your resume reviewed and attend the "Mastering the Art of Interviewing" workshops.  Internships are traditionally offered to current undergraduate and graduate students and are very limited after graduation. Make an appointment to meet with our Internship Coordinator to discuss the opportunities which are available to you.

How do I learn more about myself and my interests?

Your Career Counselor may engage you in career reflection exercises and suggest assessment tools to help you identify areas of interest. You can also participate in career development workshops to learn more about yourself such as the Right Major for You.

Does my GPA really matter?

In order to qualify for competitive internships and employment opportunities as well as entry into graduate programs it is strongly recommended that you maintain a GPA of at least a 3.0.

Will an employer ask for my transcript?

Yes. Many employers will want to verify grades and classes completed for jobs and internships.

Should I have a LinkedIn profile?

Yes. Linked-In is the number one online professional networking resource where you can apply for jobs, join groups, professional associations and connect with professionals in your field.  To learn more you can attend “Linked-In 101” workshop for help building your profile and learning how to use the site. 

FAQs for Faculty

How can I request a career-related presentation for my class?

The CEDC staff is more than happy to arrange a career-related presentation for your class. You can contact the Career Exploration & Development Center by stopping by Shuster Hall Room 254 or emailing your request to

Should I advise students to make an appointment to speak with their Career Advisor?

We strongly encourage students to meet with their Career Advisor once they register for classes. The Career Advisor can assist students with the following services and help them prepare for career success.

  • Individual career counseling
  • Résumé and cover letter critiques
  • Presentations and workshops
  • Job search strategies
  • On-campus recruiting events and information sessions
  • Assessment inventories
  • Interview preparations
  • Career Expos

How can I help a student who is struggling to define their career goals?

When you have a student who is struggling to define their career goals, suggest they speak to a Career Counselor. The Career Counselor can help them begin the process of identifying their interests and strengths and connecting them to a career field.

Are there handouts on-line on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and job search strategies that students and alumni can access?

Yes, the Career Exploration & Development Center has a number of different career-related tip sheets to help students prepare for their job and internship search. These tip sheets can be obtained by visiting Shuster Hall, Room 254 or in the document library on Symplicity.

How can students learn about internships and employment opportunities?

Internships are a great way for students to gain experience in the workplace, build their resume, and network with professionals in their chosen field. Students can view a listing of internships and employment opportunities via Symplicity. (Lehman College Career Exploration & Development Center database system). If you know a Lehman student interested in obtaining an internship or seeking employment opportunities, please have them contact the Career Exploration & Development Center at 718-960-8366 for additional assistance.

FAQ for Employers

What services are available to employer?

We welcome employers from diverse industries to recruit Lehman College students and alumni in all majors. Some of the services available to you include Information/Recruitment Sessions, Job Fairs, Internship Fairs, On-Campus Interviews, Resume Screening and job postings. To sign up for our events please log into your Symplicity account or call us at 718 960-8366 for more information.

How do I post opportunities and register for events with the Career Exploration & Development Center?

You can create your Symplicity account to register for events and to post employment opportunities.

Do you host career fairs?

Lehman College provide recruiters with an excellent opportunity to meet students and alumni to discuss opportunities in their organizations. Every year, the Internship Fair is held during the fall semester and the Career and Internship Fair during the spring semester. To learn more about these events and to register, log into your Symplicity account and go to Events.