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Lehman College Senate

Committee on Campus Life and Facilities

Faculty Department Appointment Date
Prof. Carole Baraldi NUR 9/23 – 6/25
Prof. Kofi Benefo (Chair) SOC 9/24 – 6/26
Prof. Danielle Magaldi Dopman CLLSE 9/24 – 6/26
Prof. Christine Neumayer SLHS 9/23 – 6/25
Prof. Penny Prince MMTD 9/24 – 6/26
Prof. Di Wu FISE 3/24 – 6/25
Administrative Representative
Ms. Robin Auchincloss Director for Campus Planning and Facilities  
Ashley Brown
Marquees O. Hargett
Naonmy Hidalgo Rosa

Fall 2024 Committee Meetings

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Spring 2025 Committee Meetings

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Fall Minutes

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Spring Minutes

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