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Lehman College Senate


Ex Officio Members
Fernando Delgado President
Jorge Silva-Puras Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success
Ediltrudys Ruiz Vice President for Information Technology Resources
Richard Finger Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management
Rene Rotolo Vice President for Administration and Finance/CFO
Teresita Levy Interim Dean of Arts and Humanities
Dene Hurley Interim Dean of School of Business
Rene Parmar Dean of Education
Elgloria Harrison Dean of Health Sciences, Human Services, and Nursing
Pamela Mills Dean of Natural and Social Sciences
Jane MacKillop Dean of Continuing and Professional Studies
Jermaine Wright Vice President for Student Affairs

Department Representatives
Accounting Prof. Sean Stein Smith
Africana Studies Prof. Gary Ford
Anthropology Prof. Anthony Dest
Art Prof. Shawn Cheng
Biological Sciences Prof. Gabriel Aisemberg
Chemistry Prof. Benjamin Burton-Pye
Computer Science Prof. Eva Sofianos
Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, and Special Education Prof. Stuart Chen-Hayes
Early Childhood and Childhood Education Prof. Celestial Wills-Jackson
Earth, Environmental, and Geospatial Sciences Prof. Elia Machado
English Prof. Paula Loscocco
Exercise Sciences and Recreation Prof. Douglas Oberlin
Finance, Information Systems, and Economics Prof. Hsien-Tseng "Elvin" Wang
Health Equity, Administration & Technology Prof. Amy White
Health Promotion and Nutrition Sciences Prof. Marina Stopler
History Prof. Benjamin Holtzman
Journalism and Media Studies Prof. Christine McKenna
Languages and Literatures Prof. Juan Jesus Payan
Latin American and Latino Studies Prof. Sarah Ohmer
Library Prof. Kenneth Schlesinger
Management and Business Innovation Prof. Shirley Bishop
Mathematics Prof. Rafael Gonzalez
Middle and High School Education Prof. Rahab Abi-Hanna
Music, Multimedia, Theatre, and Dance Ms. Darina Qafleshi
Nursing Prof. Carole Baraldi
Philosophy Prof. Collin O'Neil
Physics and Astronomy Prof. Christopher Gerry
Political Science Prof. Joseph Mohorcich
Psychology Prof. Elizabeth Guerrero-Berroa
Social Work Prof. Joseph Quinones
Sociology Prof. Susan Markens
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Prof. Christine Neumayer

Faculty Senators at Large
Computer Science

Prof. Brian Murphy

Prof. Liang Zhao


Prof. David Hyman

Prof. Deirdre O'Boy

Health Equity, Administration, and Technology Prof. Maria Isabel Roldos
History Prof. Marie Marianetti
Mathematics Prof. Joseph Fera
Music, Multimedia, Theatre, and Dance Prof. Penny Prince
Nursing Prof. Brenda Hernandez-Acevedo

Prof. Sandra Campeanu

Prof. David Manier

Social Work

Prof. Amanda Sisselman-Borgia

Prof. Maurice Vann


Prof. Naomi Spence

Prof. Elin Waring

Prof. Devrim Yavuz

Administrative Representatives
Admissions Ms. Laurie Austin
Advising Ms. Lisa Moalem
Graduate Studies Ms. Takiyah Ali
Instructional Support Services Ms. Marisol Jimenez
Student Persistence Initiatives Mr. Ronald Banks

Part-Time Faculty Senators at Large
Africana Studies Prof. Chanta Palmer
English Prof. Lowery McClendon
Middle and High School Education Prof. Tashika McBride

Student Senators
Munira Ayalew
Ajie Bajo
Assiatou Barry
Ashley Brown
Kimarea Brown
Selena Cruz-Segundo
Christian G. Davila
Kadiatou Diaby
Vitoria Heloany Reis
Sergio Hernandez
Chanel Huston
Amna Ishaq
Mariam Shahzadi
Franny J. Vargas
Christina T. Wright