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These narratives were composed from information provided by the children, who requested that their stories be published on Band-Aides. I've used their own words as much as possible. Their parents gave permission for the inclusion of pictures, e-mail links and details about their lives. I think that you'll learn, as I did, that they want to be treated as normal kids...kids who've been growing up in some quite unusual situations because of their medical problems. Many of them have become experts in dealing with diagnostic tests, repeated hospitalizations, complex medication regimes and multiple surgeries. All of them have a lot to teach the world about kindness and courage and coping. Thanks for letting these fantastic children tell you their stories.

starAnthony tells about leukemia

starNeurofibromatosis...what a word!

starTrudy shares some secrets 

starAngela tells what CF means to her 

starMatt wonders about tomorrow 

starJessica learns about lupus

starKaty writes about her amputation

starPeggy teaches about panic attacks

starQuinn describes ataxia and more

starYum-Yum and sickle cell disease

starElizabeth's adventures in hospitals

starDevin and Hirschprung's disease

starKathryn and her hearing problem

starChristophe plays outside after dark

starJJ's factor story

starConor's lumpy bones

starNicole's life with bumpy bones

starBobby's bony story

starBrianna's five and has a lot to tell you

starKatie and the mystery disease 

starChris's story

starJonathan works hard to stay healthy

starMeet Andy-Gabriel

starCorinna's story

starColton loves to play

starJackie's a singer

starTyler and his neuroblastoma 

Libby's storyLibby loves to kid around

starHunter is more than scars

starWith a focus on feelings...

starMaking sense of a bunch of letters

starThomas teaches about blood cells

starAshley deals with cerebral palsy

starMysti, PTC, and beanie babies

starTrevor gets rid of a Wilm's tumor

starMargaret has spinal muscular atrophy

starDevon and his pouch

starSome room-mates talk about asthma

starMegan tells about a brain tumor

starBrittany explains about her helmet

starChris hates gluten!

starMegan's got a dream

starLindsay and alphabet soup

starCourtney and her g-tube

starThis Courtney loves cats...and Pokemon

starHeart and soul: Becca's story

starCraig and some paper bags

starMelanie and some bananas

starAshly has a big heart

starAll about another Ashley

starEmaLee loves naps

starSage is strong and brave

starMichael and his parrot in the hospital

starRashad loves to cook

Zachary plays a good gameZachary plays a good game

starEmily believes that life is what you make of it

starMike has a bony problem

Courtney's stofy The world according to Courtney

Zachary plays a good gameWelcome to Ashley's world

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Last updated: June 12, 2007