Alphabet Soup 
ADD, ADHD and us! 
The letters up top stand for some medical problems that we have...problems that are pretty common, and pretty challenging. They stand for "attention deficit disorder" and "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder". Most kids can't figure out what they're all about, so we thought that we'd tell you what they're like for you could understand. 

 We Have To Take Pills

"I hate to have to stop what I'm doing to take pills...people tell me that I should loosen up, that I'm too serious." Matt 

"One problem is that the side effects of the medicine make me feel stupid." Matt 

"Here's my motto: the quicker I take 'em, the quicker I get to go out and play!" Kathleen 

"Without the medicine I feel wild and free...people call me the MQK. That stands for the 'million question kid'. I understand that asking so many questions can be annoying, but I just can't help it!" Gage 

"I may feel free when I don't take my pills, but it's not worth it. I just can't concentrate without them--I forget almost everything, even in the middle of a sentence." Chris 

"In fact, whenever I forget my pills, I have to ask things over and over again. Then everyone gets mad at me!" Chris 

"I have this trick that makes it a cinch to take the pills. They slide down easier if you've got a mouthful of milk." Gage 

"Well, the way that I handle them is to take 'em with pudding. Then they sort of slip down my throat." Josh 

"Sometimes I get a migraine headache after I take my pills. I can feel energy being pushed into my head, and it feels like I'm about to explode." Chris 

"I take my medicine when I'm tired. The most amazing thing happens. Before I can concentrate, I go through these feelings of jumping out of my skin." Chris 

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Do you know anybody who just can't sit still? Just open the blue book and you can find out what it's like! 

A kid's guide to ADHD

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Joan Fleitas, Ed.D., R.N.
Associate Professor of Nursing,
Lehman College, CUNY

Last updated:  November 14, 2004
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