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I'm glad you found me!

Hi there. Thanks for coming to visit me. I'd like to tell you a little about myself, and to show you my picture of the cutest bunny.

I'm thirteen years old, and I have NF. It's real name is neurofibromatosis. Nf causes spots and tumors (lumps). It also causes learning disabilities and speech problems. I just have those, but it can cause all kinds of other problems too, like deafness and blindness. They call what I have NF1. People with NF2 are the ones who usually go deaf or blind. NF makes things hard for me. It's harder for me to write than it is for you. It's harder for me to learn things too.

Isn't this puppy darling???

I like to roller blade, ride my bike, swim, dance and play basket ball. I have a very hard time learning these things. My brain can't tell my arms and legs what to do properly. I can see what other kids do, but I can't do it. I try and can almost get to do these things, but it's always hard for me. It is NOT hard for me to play with my puppy, though! What do you think of him? If you pat him on the head, you can watch him grow up. Right before your eyes!

I have met some great people on the KIDS NF page. We write to each other a lot. Share our feelings. It's nice to talk to other kids who understand. I hope that you'll understand now, too, because I'd like to be your friend.

Thanks for visiting!
          This bunny will carry notes to me, so tap her on the nose and tell me what you think of my page!

          Want to read my poem? Just pat the wolf

She'll take you to my poem!

I hope that you like it!
If you'd like to spend time with some other kids,
Come back soon!

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