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Hello. I'm Colton

Hello everybody. My name is Colton, I am 5-years-old, and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My mommy and daddy are the most important people in my life. They love me and play with me and help me to take care of myself. I go to school at home with my mom.  I like to go to school at home because I can do my school work and then play the rest of the day.I love to do math worksheets, and I can even read!  My mommy taught me how to read. Sometimes I like to sit and color and draw pictures. I drew a picture of a storm one day...what do you think? 

What do you think of the rainsorm I drew for you?

I also love to draw pictures of myself and my friends. And I like to build things with blocks and legos, especially tall towers. It's so much fun to see how tall I can build them before they fall.  Sometimes after I build them up I knock them down with my cars. I have two boxes of 'hotwheel' cars, and when they're not busy knocking down my towers, they go for rides on the tracks I have to play with them. I like to build castles with my blocks. Sometimes my daddy builds towers with me when we play together.

I have an nintendo and a playstation and I like to play games on those
too.  My daddy has some Sega and Nintendo games that he has on our computer and they are so much fun!  Let's see, what else? I like all kinds of sports.  I play baseball and soccer outside with my daddy when it is not raining. 

Some of my favorite t.v. shows are Rolie Polie Olie, Sponge Bob, and Jimmy Neutron.  My favorite movie is Flubber.

I have a little dog named Skooby. I really do like him a lot. There are some things that I do not like, though, not at all! I hate most bugs. I think they are yucky and they scare me.  Except for lady bugs and rolly pollies, because they are cute. 

Something else that I do not like is getting poked. The problem is that I have to get poked A LOT so that I can stay healthy. See, I have something called diabetes, and if I don't take good care of myself, I can get very sick. Diabetes means that a part of my body called a pancreas does not work the right way any more; that it cannot make the Insulin that my body needs. That's where the pokes come it. They tell my mom and dad just how much Insulin my body needs. If I have too much sugar in my blood, that means that I need more Insulin. Pretty confusing, isn't it? 

I have to check my blood sugar many times a day and I have to take 4
shots every day.  I know that doing that keeps me from having to go to the hospital.  It doesn't hurt either, really!  I can take my shots with a syringe, or I have this neat insulin pen that my mom uses sometimes.

Diabetes can make me feel very tired and run down when it is not well controlled. When it is, I can play like every other 5-year-old, which as you know is something I love to do! What that means is that I have to put up with all of the pokes, even though they are definitely not fun. I have a finger poker that I poke my finger with and then I test my blood sugar level before I eat. 

My mommy and daddy have to give me shots after I eat to keep the sugar from going too high.  I can get sick really fast if it goes too high, or even too low.  For example, one time my blood sugar was too low and I had a seizure, and my body just shook and shook. It was scary and I cried, and I don't want to ever have another one. 

I also have to eat foods that are really healthy and not junky, which is actually a pretty good thing, since they also taste good and make me feel full of energy. 

So how do you like this Colton original?

My friends are like me....they love toys and they like to play outside. They don't laugh at me or make fun of me when my mommy has to check my blood.  They know it is important to keep my blood sugar at a good number so that I don't get sick.  My friends know if I am feeling bad and they always ask my mommy or my teachers at church if I am OK.

Did you know that Diabetes is not something you can get by touching me or being around me?  Some kids tease because they get scared of what they don't understand. It is not nice to make fun of other kids because it can hurt their feelings, make them sad and make them cry. 

Having Diabetes is no fun, but my mommy and daddy tell me that God made me special because of my diabetes.  There are lots of kids with diabetes.There are even famous people who have diabetes.  I have pictures of some of them and an autograph too.  I have a picture of Nicole Johnson, Kelly Kuehne, Mark Lye, and Michelle McGann.

*I'm now a big giant six years old and will be seven this summer in July! Even though I'm technically in first grade, most of my work at home is  on a 2nd grade level.  I'm going to be moving in about 2 1/2 weeks, into our very own house from an apartment. Boy am I ever excited about that. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I'm happy that you took the time to read my story!

Now here are two funny pictures, one of me in August of 2004, and the next of me at the end of May, 2005. Can you tell what happened to me in the meantime?

     With all my teeth in August, 2004                                                       Uh, oh, Colton lost his two front teeth...where are they?

* Can you believe another year has passed, and I'll be 8 in July.

Here's my sister Toby, born in April, 2005

And my brand new little sister Tobi will be three months old when I'm 8!         

I'm still being homeschooled and, guess what, I'm going into 3rd grade!

I like to play outside---and now we have a great big outside...almost 2 acres.  I also love to go to garage sales on Fridays with my Paw Paw.

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