Hello! Thanks for coming to read my story. My name is Craig, and I'm almost nine years old, just about to start fourth grade (well, I must say that that's ow old I was when I wrote this story in 2003!). When I become a grown-up, I'd like to be either a gym teacher, a third grade language arts teacher, or an interpreter, in which case I'd learn some African languages.

I love to play with my friends...and they would tell you that I have a great heart. My mom says that, too, I guess because I really like to make people happy. It's hard for me to make friends, though, since sometimes kids in school call me 'four eyes' and tell me that I'm demented, which is just ridiculous. 

I do wear glasses, though, because I have very poor vision in my left eye. Can't hear from my left ear, either, and if you looked very closely, you would notice that the left side of my face doesn't match the right side. All this because I was born with something called Moebius sydrome, a medical condition that I didn't ask for, didn't want, don't particularly like, but  can't get rid of... so I've learned to live with it. What's important for you to know is that you can't catch it from me. And that I'm a regular type guy, despite this 'difference' of mine. Six of my friends know about my Moebius, and the rest, well, it's none of their bees wax!

A long time ago, when I was in kindergarten, I had a teacher who needed some teaching herself. Here's what she would do. She'd choose a 'teacher's helper' every day, and this teacher's helper got to choose someone else to assist. This type of personality contest left me out in the cold. I would always come home so sad, explaining who got to be the helper and the helper's helper. Never me. Finally my mom complained, and the very next day I was chosen. I picked another kid who was never chosen either, figuring that he might return the favor. If you are a teacher, please don't do this in your classroom!

 I have a ten-year-old brother named Brian who drives me nuts. He's always hitting me, but I get him back by telling on him so that he'll get in trouble. Brothers...what can you do with them?!

I love performing. Check me out singing at the International Moebius conference...karaoke is the best!

Here's what I'd like everyone to remember. That we are all different from one another, and that it would be pretty confusing if we weren't. And that what you see on the outside is often very different than what's in the inside. Say you could choose a paper bag filled with candy. Now one of the bags in front of you is all wrinkled and has a funny shape to it, with marks on it that you have NEVER seen before, while another just looks like 'the perfect bag', if you know what I mean. Standing up all pressed and folded, with the loveliest design on the front. Don't choose too quickly, because looks can be quite deceiving. If you select the strange looking bag, you are in for one great surprise, because inside is the very best candy in the world. The other bag you saw, the one that was very tempting because it looked just like you thought great bags should look, had another sort of surprise inside. A bunch of already-been-licked lollipops, and they were ALL yucky licorice, too. Get my point?

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