Thanks for coming to visit my page! Trevor

    Guess what...
    My name is Trevor, and I'm 14-years-old.  When I was 4, I had tummy aches and the doctor said I had cancer.  I had to go the hospital and I missed my dog, Root Beer Field Chain Lewis, and my cat, Wilbur, and of course my family.  The best thing about the hospital was that my Mommy got to sleep over with me, all the time!

    The doctors took out my right kidney when I was in the hospital. It wasn't healthy because of the cancer, so out it came!  I had to miss going to Kindergarten, but at least I did get to go to the school at the hospital. That's why I'm so smart. The other thing that happened to help me get all better was something called means very strong medicine that cancer doesn't like one bit! 

    I am glad that I don't have to drink anymore yucky orange stuff that I had to have when it was my turn to have some special tests, the kind of tests that can look inside a body without even hurting. 

    When I had to stay in that hospital, my friends made some homemade posters to put up in my hospital room. Sometimes kids were scared of the tubes that I needed to have for awhile, but the good thing is that kids are able to learn about things very quickly!

    For Christmas when I was seven, the doctors told me that I had no more cancer!!!! I have to go to the doctors' office once a month to make sure that I am still ok, but I don't mind that.  Here's what I like to do basketball, read big words, and of course play with my pets! I love the whole wide world, even school! 

    Now here's some more great news! The Wilm's Tumor (that's the kind of cancer that I had) has not come back. Yippee!!! And, get this, when I was six (last time I wrote to BandAides), I was in the Gifted Program in my school and at the very top of my class. I love to play soccer, teeball, and of course basketball. How do you like the picture of me in my soccer uniform at the top of the page? That's all for now, so thanks for visiting my page. Trevor

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