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Curriculum Development and Approval Process and Timeline

Curriculum development at Lehman College is a detailed approval process involving all stakeholders to guarantee effective and successful implementation.  Course proposals, course modifications, new programs, program changes, all go through Academic Programs, and then the College Undergraduate Curriculum or Graduate Studies Committee, the Senate, and the Office of Academic Affairs, before finally appearing in the Lehman Online Bulletin and CUNYfirst Course Catalog and/or Degree Works.

Lehman College's curriculum provides its students with learning experiences that culminate in producing educated, engaged, and empowered graduates. Curriculum development enables Lehman College to revise and improve its course and program offerings to enable its students to fully realize the benefits of their learning experiences. Therefore, Lehman College has developed an organized and systematic curriculum development process that engages all relevant stakeholders in a participatory process prior to the adoption of curricular changes.

Photo of Curriculum Development and Approval Process Chart


Tips for Completing a Successful Program Proposal