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Lehman College Senate

Upcoming Agenda

Wednesday, September 7, 2022, at 3:45 PM

                Lovinger Theatre, SP-1st Floor

1. Lehman College Senate Overview

2. Approval of the minutes for the Senate Meeting of May 4, 2022_Final.

3. Announcements and Communications:

a. President Fernando Delgado

b. Student Legislative Assembly: Ms. Blessing Babalola

 4. Reports of Standing Committees:

           1. Graduate Studies: Prof. Janet DeSimone

           2. Governance: Prof. Joseph Fera

           3. Admissions, Evaluation and Academic Standards: Prof. Sandra Campeanu

           4. Undergraduate Curriculum: Prof. Lynn Rosenberg

           5. Academic Freedom: Prof. David Manier

           6. Library, Technology, and Telecommunications: Mr. Stephen Castellano

           7. Campus Life and Facilities: TBD

           8. Budget and Long Range Planning: TBD

           9. University Faculty Senate: TBD

5. Old Business

           a. MHSE Certificates in Secondary French and Italian Education

6. New Business

           a. Election of Chair to PReside in the Absence of the President