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Administration: Office of Campus Activities

Non-Tax Levy Requisitions

CUNYfirst Non-Tax Levy Requisition Life Cycle

CUNYfirst Non-Tax Levy Requisition Life Cycle

NTL Requisitions

  • Creating Requisitions: CUNY acquires goods and services through a competitive bidding process managed by the Purchasing department. Departments are required to create a requisition stating their business needs. It is strongly recommended that Requesters run the Budget Overview query in CUNYfirst to confirm the general availability of funds prior to creating a requisition. If sufficient funds do not exist, requisitions will fail budget checking process and will not route to the Purchasing department. Requesters must contact Campus Activities to correct budget issues.
  • Amount Only Requisition: Amount Only Lines on a requisition are for are for monthly recurring services and blanket order for office supplies. E.g. telephone, maintenance services Etc.
  • Approving Requisitions: All requisition approvers (supervisors, department approvers, category approvers) will receive an email notification with a link to approve pending requisitions. However, approvers are encouraged to use the Approve Requisitions search page to search for pending requisitions. Category approvals are required for Information Technology, furniture, hazardous materials and outside legal counsel. This page also offers the ability to search for requisitions that have been approved, denied, pending or pushed back. Approvers need to carefully review supporting information including requisition chartfields plus supporting documentation prior to approval.
  • Managing Requisitions: The Manage Requisitions page will enable you to view requisitions and track their progress from creation to payment. Most importantly this tool will advise budget status since a requisition with budget error status DOES NOT route to the Purchasing Department.
  • Edit Requisitions: If funds are not available in the chartfield string, requisitions will fail the budget check (see Budget Overview Query section). Requesters must contact the Campus Activities to correct the error.  Requisitions in budget error DO NOT route to the Purchasing Department.
  • Cancel Requisitions: If goods or services are no longer required and a PO has not been created against the request, there may be times when a requisition will need to be canceled. When a requisition is canceled, the pre- encumbrance is released back into your departmental budget.