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Administration: The Office of Financial Operations - Bursar Office

Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees
Student Activity Fee
12 or more credits and/or equated credits. $99.60
Fewer than 12 credits and/or equated credits. $66.60
(SUMMER ONLY) Per Summer Session $43.10
Technology Fee
Full Time Students (12 or more credits and / or equated credits) $125.00
Part Time Students (Fewer than 12 credits and / or equated credits) $62.50
(SUMMER ONLY) $62.50
Course Material Fee

Course Material Fees are Non‑lnstructional Fees used to cover materials and services which are not regularly supplied as part of a course.

Academic Excellence Fee for Graduate Nursing Program
Resident Full-time students (per semester) $500.00
Resident Part-time students (per credit) $50.00
Non Resident students (per credit) $90.00
Consolidated Fee
Payable by all students (including senior citizens) $15.00
Senior Citizen Fee
Payable by all senior citizens taking only undergraduate courses on space available and basis. Senior Citizens on credit-bearing basis must pay tuition and fees. They cannot enroll for courses on audit basis and on credit-bearing basis for the same semester. All Senior Citizens are liable for any penalties they may incur. $65.00
Change of Program Fee
When a student changes a program on or after the first day of classes (except for those students only dropping courses or college initiated changes). $18.00
Non-Payment Service Fee
Students who are delinquent in paying tuition and fees by the college's established due dates will be required to pay a $20 fee for each missed due date in addition to all other outstanding college obligations. This fee can be charged for reinstatement purposes provided that the reinstatement results from a student who has failed to settle his/her bill by the required due date. $20.00
Late Registration Fee
Students who register after the regular registration date will be required to pay a $25 late registration fee. The Bursar's Office upon written recommendation of the Registrar's Office may waive this fee. $25.00
Application Fee
Undergraduate Freshman $65.00
Undergraduate Transfer $70.00
Graduate (Spring 2019) $125.00
Graduate (Fall 2019) $75.00
Readmission Fee $20.00
Returned (NG) Check Processing Fee
If a students check is not honored by the bank upon which the check is drawn (NG), the student shall be charged a reprocessing fee. The student will be required to satisfy the obligations, the return check processing fee and a non-payment service fee (see above) of $20 for each due date missed. In addition the student will not be permitted to make any future payments with a personal check. $20.00
Duplicate Bursar Receipt $5.00
Duplicate Payment Receipt $1.00
Special Examination Fee
When make-up final exam for one (1) course is taken after scheduled final class exams. $25.00
When make-up final exams for two (2) courses are taken after scheduled final class exams. $30.00
When make-up final exams for three (3) or more courses are taken after scheduled final class exams. $35.00
Cooperating Teacher Fee $25.00
Cooperating Teacher Fee $25.00
Transcript-of-Record Fee
Note: No fee for transcripts sent between CUNY units.
Certificate of Degree Granted  
For issuance of a certificate of graduation to those students who request a replacement for a lost diploma. $30.00
Thesis Binding (Master's) $15.00
Maintenance of Matriculation Fee  
Residents $225.00
Non-Residents $370.00
Graduate (Master Degree) students, who are not enrolled in any graduate courses or any undergraduate courses which are part of their graduate program and wish to maintain matriculation, are required to pay a maintenance of matriculation fee. This fee should be paid during the semester of absence. Maintenance of matriculation fees are not required for summer session unless the students are obtaining their degrees in that session. Students on maintenance of matriculation should not be charged student activity fees. Students must be either registered or on maintenance of matriculation in the semester they obtain their degree. The maintenance of matriculation fee cannot be waived. Maintenance of matriculation students do not pay the Consolidated Service Fee.  

Students may pay their tuition and fees with the following: Cash, money order, bank check, traveler's check, or personal check: Students paying by check should make the check payable to Lehman college. The College will not accept second party checks. The College will not accept a personal check from any student who has previously tendered a check that was returned by his/her bank.

For updated tuition information, please visit our tuition page.