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TRiO Pathways to Success

Q and A

Does it cost money to join?

  • No, everything in the program is free of charge!

How much time does it take to participate in Pathways to Success (PTS)?  What will I be required to do as a member?

  • You decide which services to utilize, but it is highly recommended that you attend five or more hours worth of activities and workshops throughout the course of each semester.

How long can I be in the program?

  • Until you graduate and/or transfer to another college.

Am I eligible for Pathways to Success?

  • To qualify you must be a full-time SEEK student, a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident and meet one of the following criteria:
  • Be a first generation college student (neither parent has a bachelor’s degree)
  • Have a limited income (according to federal guidelines)
  • Have a documented disability

How do I apply?

To apply to the Pathways to Success program, bring a completed application to Shuster 255, ask for a TRiO PTS Counselor Advocate.

The program will determine your eligibility. If eligible, you will be contacted within 2-3 weeks and will quickly begin your membership in the Pathways to Success program.

Follow detailed instructions here (link to “Application” content page).  Applications are also available at these locations:

The SEEK Program, Shuster Hall, Room 257

Office of School/College Collaborations, Carmen Hall, 176