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TRiO Pathways to Success

College-to-Career Connections

Dedicated students photoIn addition to helping students persist academically and graduating on time, another one of Pathways to Success’s goals is to help our students make the connection between college and the world of careers. We understand that there’s more to college than just doing well in your courses. After all, what’s really the point of staying up past midnight working on research papers, cramming for exams, and completing assignments, and reading ahead just so you can have something intelligible to contribute to class discussions? All this labor of scholarship is meant to help you broaden your intellectual capacities, become more effective thinkers, and develop as a person. While all this is well and good, what we often neglect is the more practical side of the same coin.

A known fact is that having a college degree will ultimately make you a more marketable candidate for higher paying, more satisfying jobs after you graduate. Alas, many recent graduates never fully make this very important connection until it’s too late. After all the pomp and circumstance, and euphoria of graduation subside, many graduates are often left with the overwhelming, earth-shattering question, “Now, what?”

There, there, no need to fret just yet. As a Pathways to Success student, our Counselor Advocates are here to help you begin to find the answer to that frightening “Now what?” question NOW.

We offer a series of workshops to help you learn more about yourself, declare your major/minor, explore all the nuances of your ideal job, how to navigate through the challenges of landing your dream job, develop the necessary skills to succeed at the job, and much more!

Moreover, each of our students will be given special attention based on their area of their prospective careers. Our main areas of focus include careers in Healthcare, Helping Professions and Business.

As we work with students in exploring and planning for the various different career paths available to them, we will also be focusing on helping each student make full use of their education to achieve their professional goal. Stay tuned to the Pathways to Success Events calendar and talk to your Counselor Advocate to learn how you can achieve all your professional goals today.