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TRiO Pathways to Success

Pathways ePortfolio System

ePortfolio photoThe better you know yourself, the more you will be able to make good decisions in your life.  The Pathways ePortfolio System is a tool for helping students identify, process, and document major life experiences influencing their academic, career, and personal development. Over the course of multiple ongoing consultations with a Pathways Counselor Advocate, your ePortfolio will capture and document the story of your growth and development as a person, a student, and career seeker.

The goal of the portfolio building exercises (As outlined in The Pathways to Success ePorfolio Manual) is to move you towards a productive integration and mobilization of your personal, academic and vocational resources, internal and external. Through this process, your motivation and energy become increasingly available to support the aim of Pathways to Success – to produce excellent results in school, personal life and career-related matters, now and in the future. Your Portfolio will also become a tangible artifact of your efforts for growth and success. 

As such, your ePortfolio will include a variety of current and historical products that represent your past, current, and future experiences. Your Portfolio will contain everything you’ll need to showcase who it is that you were, are and would like to be. Thus, your ePortfolio may include autobiographical statements, creative works, self-assessments and personal insights, academic records and milestones, health and wellness information, family history, and other relevant materials. Your Pathways ePortfolio will become the story of your life, your growth, and your dreams.

Have you met with your Counselor Advocate yet? Contact us for an appointment now. In an hour, you’ll be able to set your semester goals, assess where it is that you can go, and learn valuable tips and information that can help you on your way to success more quickly and efficiently.