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Help Desk Frequently Asked Questions

What is my email address?

How do I access my Lehman email?

  • For Students: Please go to and then click on Office 365 Login and sign in using your login information.  Type your email address where it says “Windows Live ID”. Then, type your default password. The default password is the first initial of your first and last name capitalized followed by the four digit year you were born, two digit month and 4th and 5th digit of your EMPL ID. (Password Example: FL19851225).   Here are some additional tips on your Outlook Live account.
  • For Faculty & Staff: Please go to and then click on Outlook Web App or go directly to; then type your login information.

Students, faculty, and staff members will be prompted to change their default password. Please do so by following the password management system guidelines. To protect your privacy, change your password every 100 days. Here are some password tips.

How do I forward my emails to a mobile device?

Can I forward my Lehman student emails to my personal email?

  • This feature is not available for students.

What is my Lehman Login username and password?

  • Your Lehman Login username is your “firstname.lastname” and your default password is the first initial of your first and last name capitalized followed by the four digit year you were born, two digit month and 4th and 5th digits of EMPLID. (Password Example: FL19851225).

What is my username and password to print?

  • You will need to use your Lehman Login account information to print. However; if your Lehman email contains a number at the end of your last name, you must include that number after your last name.
  • Lehman alumni or Continuing Education student will need to purchase a guest card in order to print in the IT Center or the Library.   After you have purchased a guest card, you simply swipe the card when you are asked for your username, and then swipe it again when prompted for your password.

How do I access the Wi-Fi when I am on campus?

  • Click here and follow instructions depending on the devide you are using.

What is my username and password to access the library database from home?

  • As a Lehman student, use your Lehman Login account login information to access the library database from off campus.

How do I manage my Lehman Login Password using Password Management tool?

Please visit the Password Management Tool page on IT website for information on managing your Lehman Login password. Please click on the video below to see a demo on Lehman Login.

How do I access the CUNY portal?

Please go to then click on portal login.  If you have forgotten your username or password or do not know it, click on “forgot password or username” on the link below the boxes and select an option based on the instructions provided on the page.

How do I access Blackboard?

Please go to, click to login to the CUNY Portal.  Once you are logged in to the CUNY Portal, you should see the Blackboard 9.1 link on the upper right side on your screen.  For additional information on blackboard refer to blackboard page.

What should I do if I am unable to access posted work on BlackBoard?

You should contact your professor immediately.  You may also call the Help Desk at 718-960-1111, if further assistance is needed.

What is Lehman One Access?

This tool solves the problem of needing to remember so many passwords required to login to CUNY and Lehman applications. This is called “reduced sign on.”
Benefits of using Lehman One Access application:
• Reducing password fatigue from different user name and password combinations.
• Reducing time spent re-entering passwords.
• Reducing time spent recovering a forgotten or expired password.

How do I access Lehman One Access?

Please click here for instruction on how to use Lehman One Access.

What is CUNYfirst?

Please visit CUNYfirst website for information.

What is StudentConnect?

StudentConnect is intended to be a one-stop shop for current Lehman students. It is your central online source for the services, tools and information you need and use on a daily basis.   To enter StudentConnect, visit the Lehman College Home page and log-in the Portal using your Lehman login username and password. Please click on the video below to see a demo on StudentConect.

How do I check the IT Center hours of operation?

Please visit the ITR website.  Then select “Academic IT Center” on the left hand side of the screen and then click on “Hours of Operation” to view the schedule.

What is Mobile Printing?

Mobile printing allows you to print from any device (mobile or otherwise) on or off campus to any secure printer located in the Academic IT Center or The Leonard Lief Library.  It is convenient, easy to use, and secure.

How do I print using the Mobile Print System?

Acess the mobile print system through Lehman One Access - Student Printing/Mobile Printing

Can I print in color?

Yes, you can print in color when you are at the IT Center or in the Library. After you have selected print option from the drop down menu, select color and the desired print out, one sided or two sided.

Am I allowed to change printer settings?

Yes, you may change printer settings when you print from any printer by following the prompted option.  Please see an IT staff member on the floor if additional assistance is needed.

I have a zero balance on my card, can it be refilled?

Yes, you can refill your card balance by utilizing the PHIL machine at the IT Center or in the Library.

Can I make copies at the IT Center?

Yes, you can make copies at the IT Center. When you are ready to make copies, simply select copy on the printer, enter your username and password when asked, and then proceed to make copies.

What is my default printing allocation?

For full time students, you will receive $18.50 per semester and for part-time students, you will receive $9.25 per semester.

What is the printing cost on campus?

Please click here to see the print cost on campus.

Can we save our work on computers?

You should not save any of your work on college computers or any other computer that is shared by others. It will be erased as soon as the computer is restarted. 

I lost my data from my external device; can you retrieve my lost or corrupted data for me?

We are sometimes able to retrieve lost/corrupted data. Please contact the Help Desk to discuss the possibilities.

Do we have any shared drive?

No, we do not have shared drives. However, you can store data in your Lehman One Drive account.

How do we back up our data?

You may consider using an external hard drive or USB thumb drive and back up your data to your personal device.

How do I retrieve my lost data?

Contact the Help Desk and make an appointment with Roni Safiul to consult and obtain assistance on this matter.


What types of workshops are available throughout the semester?

Various workshops are offered throughout the semester, notification occurs via email or check out the links below to review the workshop schedule for this semester.

Student Workshop page: 

Faculty/Staff Workshop page:

New Users on the System

I am a new/transfer student at Lehman College, but I am not allowed to register yet, why?

Welcome to Lehman!

This may occur for various reasons, please contact the Help Desk in Carman Hall 108 or 718-960-1111. If you need more information as a transfer student you can refer to the Virtual Transfer Center website.