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Academic IT Center

About the IT Center

The Academic IT Center is a place for the entire College community. Our primary goal is to assist students in becoming more efficient and effective learners. We are open to all who wants to enchance their academic IT skills.

As a branch of the Information Technology Division, we educate, support, and collaborate with faculty and students to integrate technology as a vital component of the teaching and learning process. We believe that the right technology, implemented in the right way, can revolutionize the way students think, communicate. A Lehman College education can be a connected gateway into a lifetime of informed learning and critical thinking.

The Academic IT Center is located on the first floor of Carman Hall. It houses PC and Apple computer systems. All computers include the following features:

  • Electronic mail
  • Internet access
  • Office productivity programs
  • Desktop publishing software
  • Course-related software

Laser black and white and color printing is available, as well as scanners. Read the General Lab Rules and Regulations, which are posted in the lab, for information on our computer policy, printing rules, and other network resources. Please use a valid I.D. card to gain access. For more on the Acceptable Use Policy, please visit IT Policies page.