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Policies & Procedures

Please download Graduate Student Handbook [PDF] for detailed information regarding the policies and procedures.

Below is a list of quick links and downloadable forms:

Change of Degree

  • Graduate students may request to change their certification, subject area, and/or graduate degree program during their course of study by completing the Change in Graduate Curriculum form found in the Office of Graduate Studies, Shuster Hall, Room 279.
  • The request must be approved first by the applicant’s current department.
  • Upon completion by the academic program, the original is sent to The Office of the Registrar, Shuster 106.
  • This form is to be used only by currently enrolled Lehman graduate students who are changing their program or adding an additional certificate program.

Transfer of Credit

  • Read and be aware of the policy regarding transfer of credit as presented in the Graduate Bulletin.
  • Submit official transcripts from all schools from which you wish to transfer credits.
  • At the time of matriculation, or in your first semester of matriculation, complete and sign the Application for Transfer of Credit [PDF] (available through the link below or from the Graduate Studies Office, Shuster Hall, Room 279).
  • Consult your program adviser for approval and course equivalencies. You must provide a student copy of your transcripts at this time.
  • When approved, submit the application to the Office of Graduate Studies
    (Shuster Hall, Room 279).


To file an appeal against the policies and procedures of the College, students must perform the following tasks:

  • Complete and submit the Appeals Form, available in the Graduate Studies office (Shuster Hall, Room 279). Be sure to explain clearly what you are appealing for, the reason for your appeal, and give all information that supports your case.
  • Submit all documentation (e.g., academic department statements, certificates of death, notes from employers, etc.). In most cases photocopies are acceptable. Appeals are not complete until supporting documents have been received in the Graduate Studies Office.
  • Await the decision of the Graduate Studies Committee. The Committee’s decision is final.

Grade Appeals

If you wish to challenge a grade, you must complete the following steps:

  • Read the policy regarding Grade Appeals in the Graduate Bulletin.
  • Consult the instructor who assigned the grade to attempt to resolve the situation. You must do this no later than the end of the semester, following the semester in which the grade was assigned. If resolution is impossible, and if you still wish to challenge the grade, you should
  • consult your program adviser, who will attempt to resolve the situation. (if the adviser is the instructor who issued the original grade, consult the department chair). If you wish to challenge the grade further, you should
  • appeal in writing to the chair of your department (if the chair is the instructor who issued the original grade, consult the chair of the department’s Personnel and Budget Committee), submitting any and all documents that support your case. The chair will form a grade appeal committee as described in the Graduate Bulletin.
  • The decision of the Graduate Grade Appeal Committee is final.

Withdrawal From Courses

If for any reason you need to stop attending classes in any semester, you must withdraw formally from the classes from which you are registered. Failure to do so will result in a grade of WU (Unofficial Withdrawal) appearing on your transcript. WU grades are the equivalent of failing grades and are counted in your Grade Point Average.

In person:

  • Go to the Office of the Registrar (Shuster Hall, Room 114) prior to the published withdrawal deadline.
  • Fill out the appropriate forms and show valid I.D.
  • Be sure to check your record after approximately one week to see that your withdrawal has been processed.

Lehman College
Office of the Registrar
250 Bedford Park Boulevard West
Shuster Hall 114
Bronx, NY 10468

Applying For Graduation

  • Click here for graduation information and application deadlines
  • Complete and submit the Application for Graduation (pink card) available in the Office of the Registrar (Shuster Hall, Room 105) prior to the published deadline.
  • If you are registered for no courses in your final semester, register and pay the fee for Maintenance of Matriculation.
  • Be sure to resolve any INC grades prior to the date of graduation to avoid cancellation of your graduation.