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Lehman College

Pathways General Education Requirements

Lehman College Bachelor Degree 120 Credits Information for your Elective Courses College Option Information about flexible core Information about Required Core World Cultures US Experience Creative Expression Individual and Society Scientific World One flexible core Lab Science Quantitative Skills Communication Skills General Education Requirements: Required Core, Flexible Core, and College Option Major Concentration Courses College Option

Pathways General Education: Required Core (4 Courses)

Courses that build a strong basis in communication and quantitative skills and in the methods of scientific inquiry for successful general and specialized learning.

Communication Skills (2 courses)

All students must complete 2 courses in English.

  • ENG 111 Principles of Effective Writing I
  • ENG 121 Principles of Effective Writing II

Honors students complete

  • ENG 113 Honors English Composition I
  • ENG 123 Honors English composition II

Quantitative Skills (1 course)

All students must complete 1 course in Quantitative & Mathematical Reasoning

  • MAT 128 Foundations of Data Science

Students whose major or other program does not have a math required may take the following course

  • MAT 126 - Quantitative Reasoning              

The following 4-credit courses are required by certain majors or programs and also fulfill the Quantitative Skills requirements:

Laboratory Science (1 course)

All students must complete 1 course in Life and Physical Science

  • ANT 120 Human Evolutionary Biology 
  • AST 102 Introduction to the Universe 
  • BIO 173 Human Biology of Systems
  • CHE 137** Elements of Chemistry I (must be taken together with CHE 138, which fulfills Flexible Core - Scientific World)
  • PHY 131 Conceptual Physics      
  • PHY 141 Sound, Speech and Music
  • PHY 151 Energy and the Environment

Alternatively, you can take one of the following lab science courses (STEM Variant courses) that are 4 or more credits. They satisfy both, this requirement and the requirements of science and health majors and pre-health profession programs.

  • ANT 171 Introduction to Human Evolution
  • ANT 269 Introduction to Human Variation
  • AST 117 Astronomy of Stellar Systems
  • BIO 166  Principles of Biology: Cells and Genes
  • BIO 167 Principles of Biology: Organisms
  • BIO 181 Anatomy & Physiology, I
  • BIO 182 Anatomy & Physiology, II
  • BIO 183 Human Biology
  • CHE 114-115 Essentials of General Chemistry - Lecture and Lab
  • CHE 166-167 General Chemistry I - Lecture and Lab
  • CHE 168-169 General Chemistry II - Lecture and Lab
  • GEO 101 Dynamic Earth
  • GEO 167 Evolution of the Earth
  • GEP 204 Basic Mapping: Applications & Analysis
  • PHY 135 Fundamental Concepts and Methods of Physics
  • PHY 140 The Physics of Sound
  • PHY 166  General Physics I
  • PHY 167 General Physics II
  • PHY 168 Physics I for Scientists and Engineers
  • PHY 169 Physics II for Scientists and Engineers

Always …

Check with your advisor(s) each semester before registering for the next semester. Be sure you know ALL the graduation requirements - for General Education, for your Major, and, if applicable, for your Minor and for any special programs.

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