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Lehman College Academic Standards and Evaluation

Academic Standards & Evaluation

Mission Statement

The Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation supports the College’s mission by ensuring the expeditious processing of appeals and faculty recommendations required toward fulfillment of students’ graduation requirements. The Office strives to uphold academic standards while enforcing the College’s academic policies and procedures in a fair and equitable manner.

Functions and Duties

The Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation is the approver of all academic changes with regard to undergraduate students’ records such as grade changes, course substitutions, waivers, and credit by examination, among others. It serves as a resource for professional and faculty advisors in an effort to improve institutional effectiveness and promote student success. Responsibilities include the clarification and dissemination of academic policies and procedures to faculty and administrative staff. 
The Committee on Admission and Standing, housed in the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation, hears appeals and adjudicates decisions. These include readmission and dismissal appeals, CUNY F Policy variance substitutions, refund of tuition, withdrawal after the deadline, medical withdrawals, TAP waivers, and SAP (federal financial aid) appeals, among others.


Please see our Appeal FAQ page for more information about appeals, including important dates and how to submit your appeal”

Important and Upcoming Deadlines

Please look over the Academic Calendar as it regards to dates relevant to your appeal.

Academic Advisement

If you are looking for the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advisement, please visit the Academic Advisement website.

Graduate Students

If you are a Graduate student, please visit the Graduate Studies website.