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Lehman College Bachleor Degree 120 College Credits

Lehman College Bachelor Degree 120 Credits Information for your Elective Courses College Option Information about flexible core Information about Required Core World Cultures US Experience Creative Expression Individual and Society Scientific World One flexible core Lab Science Quantitative Skills Communication Skills General Education Requirements: Required Core, Flexible Core, and College Option Major Concentration Courses

General Education: Required Core

Courses that build a strong basis in communication and quantitative skills and in the methods of scientific inquiry for successful general and specialized learning.

Communication Skills (4 courses)

All students must complete 2 courses in English and 2 courses in Foreign Language.

English (2 courses)

Foreign Language (2 courses)

  • Take two courses in the same language at any level. Students who complete one semester of a language on the intermediate level or above (200 and above), or who receive a waiver of the requirement, may substitute one or two of the following courses for required Foreign Language courses: ENG223: English Literature, ENG226: Shakespeare, ENG227: American Literature, HIS240: East Asian Civilization, HIS246: Civilizations of the Ancient World, HIS249: Islamic Civilization, PHI169: Critical Reasoning, PHI170: Introduction to Logic, PHI171: Problems of Philosophy, POL229: Classical Political Economy.

Languages offered:

Students who continue in a foreign language previously studied in high school or college must be placed in the proper sequential course by the Languages and Literatures Department. The Department conducts regular placement examinations and advising for placement in foreign languages. All students need to receive permission from the Department in order to register for any foreign language course. The Department of Languages and Literatures is located in Carman Hall, Room 257, telephone 718.960.8215.  Click here for complete contact information. Click here for more information on Foreign Language Requirement for Heritage Speakers and Foreign Transfer Students.

Quantitative Skills (1 course)

  • Quantitative & Mathematical Reasoning (1 course)
  • All students must complete one three- or four-credit college level mathematics course numbered 125 or higher. Students whose major or other program does not have a math required may take the following course
  • The following 4-credit courses are required by certain majors or programs and also fulfill the Quantitative Skills requirements:

Laboratory Science (1 course)

  • 1 course in Life and Physical Science
    • ANT 120: Human Evolutionary Biology
    • BIO 173: Human Biology
    • CHE 137: ** Elements of Chemistry I (must be taken together with CHE 138 – see Flexible Core – Scientific World) 
    • GEO 101: Dynamic Earth
    • GEO 167: Earth Evolution  
    • PHY 131: Conceptual Physics 
    • PHY 141: Sound, Speech and Music
    • PHY 151: Energy and the Environment

Alternatively, you can take one of the following lab science courses (STEM Variant courses) that are 4 or more credits. They satisfy both, this requirement and the requirements of science and health majors and pre-health profession programs.

  • ANT 171:    Introduction to Human Evolution
  • ANT 269:    Introduction to Human Variation
  • BIO 166 :   Introduction to Organismic Biology
  • BIO 167:    Principles of Biology: Cells & Genes
  • BIO 181    Anatomy & Physiology, I
  • BIO 182    Anatomy & Physiology, II
  • BIO 183    Human Biology
  • CHE 114-115    Essentials of General Chemistry
  • CHE 166    General Chemistry I
  • CHE 167    General Chemistry Lab I
  • CHE 168    General Chemistry II
  • CHE 169    General Chemistry Lab II
  • GEO 101    Dynamic Earth
  • GEO 167    Evolution of the Earth
  • GEP 204    Basic Mapping: Applications & Analysis
  • PHY 135    Fundamental Concepts and Methods of Physics
  • PHY 166    General Physics I
  • PHY 167    General Physics II
  • PHY 168    Introductory Physics I
  • PHY 169    Introductory Physics II

General Education: Flexible Core (6 courses)

Flexible Core courses that aim to extend critical thinking across a range of disciplines to provide a broad learning experience.

World Cultures and Global Issues (choose 1 course) 

Systematic study of similarities and differences among cultures to develop an appreciation of cultural dynamics and world-wide challenges to peace and wellbeing

  • AAS (LAC) 235    Caribbean Societies       
  • HIS 246                 Civilizations of Ancient World
  • AAS (WST) 240  Women in African Societies        
  • HIS 247                 Medieval Civilization
  • AAS 166                African and African American Societies 
  • HIS (MES) 249    Islamic Civilization
  • AAS 225                Contemporary Urban Community           
  • LPR (HIS) 212      History of Puerto Rico
  • AAS 232                African Civilizations        
  • LPR 213                 Puerto Rican Culture
  • ANT (LAC) 238   Area Studies in Latin America    
  • MES 245               Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies
  • ANT (LAC, WST) 210        Women in Latin America              
  • PHI (AAS) 269    African Philosophy
  • GEH 101               Introduction to Geography         
  • POL 240                International Politics
  • GEH 240               Urban Geography           
  • POL 241                Globalization
  • HIS (LAC) 266     Latin America & Caribbean I       
  • POL 266                Politics and Culture
  • HIS (LAC) 267     Latin America & Caribbean II      
  • POL 268                Introductioon to Comparative Politics
  • HIS 240                 East Asian Civilization    
  • POL (RUS) 220   Russia Today
  • HIS 241                 Modern Western Civilization     
  • SOC 245                Global Interdepencencies
  • HIS 242                 Contemporary European History             
  • WST 220               Introduction to Women's Studies

US Experience in Its Diversity (choose 1 course) 

Study of US history, society, ethnic and national identity and analysis of the diverse institutions, policies and value systems that define the our nation and its interests.

Creative Expression (choose 1 course)

Introduction to literature, art, music, dance, theatre and the terminology, techniques or tools of each: to learn a medium of creative expression and to actively participate in aesthetic experiences.

Individual and Society (choose 1 course)

Systematic study of individuals, their impact on society and society's impact on them: introduction to typical modes of inquiry and systematic ways of thinking about the topic.

Scientific World* (choose 1 course)

Systematic and critical thinking about issues of science and the scientific method, with attention to the skills of observation and analysis of natural phenomenon and to the distinctive qualities of scientific knowledge. 

  • ANT 212: Ancient People and Culture 
  • AST 101: Introduction to Astronomy 
  • CHE 138: Elements of Chemistry II  (must be taken together with CHE 137, see FOUNDATION)
  • ENV 210: Environmental Science 
  • ENV/GEH 235: Conservation of the Environment 
  • GEP (GEO) 228: Weather and Climate 
  • HIS 239: History of Science 
  • LNG 160 (SPV 246): Introduction to Linguistics 
  • PHI 169: Critical Reasoning 
  • PHI 170: Introduction to Logic 
  • PSY 165: Critical Thinking in Psychology

Alternatively, you can take one of the following lab science courses (STEM Variant courses) that are 4 or more credits. They satisfy both, this requirement and the requirements of science and health majors and pre-health profession programs

  • ANT 171:    Introduction to Human Evolution
  • ANT 269:    Introduction to Human Variation
  • BIO 166:    Introduction to Organismic Biology
  • BIO 167:    Principles of Biology: Cells & Genes
  • BIO 181:    Anatomy & Physiology, I
  • BIO 182:    Anatomy & Physiology, II
  • BIO 183:    Human Biology
  • CHE 114-115:    Essentials of General Chemistry
  • CHE 166:    General Chemistry I
  • CHE 167:    General Chemistry Lab I
  • CHE 168:    General Chemistry II
  • CHE 169:    General Chemistry Lab II
  • GEO 101:    Dynamic Earth
  • GEO 167:    Evolution of the Earth
  • GEP 204:    Basic Mapping: Applications & Analysis
  • PHY 135:    Fundamental Concepts and Methods of Physics
  • PHY 166:    General Physics I
  • PHY 167:    General Physics II
  • PHY 168:    Introductory Physics I
  • PHY 169:    Introductory Physics II

Choose a second course from any of the Flexible Core categories.

General Education: College Option

Choose two courses from the four below which NOT in the same general field as their major. These are variable topics courses, where each section treats a special topic. Pre-requisites are 60 credits and a declared major.

  • LEH 351: Studies in Science and Applied Perspectives (Selected topics in the social sciences, life and physical sciences and applied perspectives) 
  • LEH 352: Studies in Literature (Selected topics in literature) 
  • LEH 353: Studies in the Arts (Selected topics in the arts)
  • LEH 354: Historical Studies (Selected topics in the historical studies)
  • LEH 355: Studies in Philosophy, Theory & Abstract Thinking  (Selected topics in philosophy, theory and abstract thinking) 

Available courses

  • Fall 2015
  • Winter 2016
  • Spring 2016

Please read before choosing an LEH course: Based on your major, you will NOT receive General Education credit for the following course: 


Your Major       

No GEN ED Credit for

Accounting  LEH351
African and African American Studies LEH354
American Studies  LEH354
Anthropology  LEH351
Anthropology (interdisciplinary concentration)  LEH351
Art   LEH353
Biology LEH351
Business Administration LEH351
Chemistry  LEH351
Classics  LEH352
Comparative Literature  LEH352
Computer Graphics and Imaging   LEH351
Computer Information Systems   LEH351
Computer Science LEH351
Dance  LEH353
Dance-Theatre LEH353
Dietetics Food and Nutrition  LEH351
Economics LEH351
English   LEH352
Exercise Science     LEH351
French LEH352
Geography  LEH351
Geology LEH351
German   LEH352
Greek  LEH352
Greek and Latin   LEH352
Health Education and Promotion  LEH351
Health Education N-12   LEH351
Health Services Administration   LEH351
Hebraic and Judaic Studies LEH352
History   LEH354
Italian  LEH352
Italian American Studies  LEH351
Latin   LEH352
Latin American and Caribbean Studies  LEH354
Mathematics    LEH351
Music LEH353
Nursing    LEH351
Philosophy   LEH355
Physics  LEH351
Political Science  LEH351
Psychology LEH351
Puerto Rican Studies LEH354
Recreation Education   LEH351
Russian   LEH352
Social Work  LEH351
Sociology    LEH351
Spanish   LEH352
Speech Pathology and Audiology   LEH351


  • Keep track of your progress in General Education with the Gen Ed Checklist (PDF)