Center for Student Leadership Development

Advanced Leadership Certification Program

Track 1

The goal of these sessions is to give students who have completed the Introduction to Leadership Certificate Program the opportunity to build upon the theories and concepts learned during the previous series of workshops. Over the course of the semester, students will move to a greater understanding of the role that leadership plays in society.

This advanced program allows for a high level of critical thinking, problem solving and an indepth look at the application of leadership theories. Through group discussions, readings, and direct interaction with experienced Lehman College/CUNY faculty, staff and student leaders, students will use the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, to make a difference at Lehman College.

The Social Change Model will be used as a framework to assess a need and conceptualize a project by developing, implementing and evaluating the success of that project.

Advanced Leadership Track

Last modified: Jan 7, 2016

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