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What is an ePermit?
  • An ePermit is an online permit process for taking courses at other CUNY colleges.
Can anyone apply for an ePermit?
  • Only matriculated students at Lehman may apply for an ePermit.
What are the requirements to apply for an ePermit?
  • All prerequisites of a major must be completed prior to submitting an ePermit.
  • Undergraduate students must have at least a 2.0 G.P.A. and Graduate students must have at least a 3.0 G.P.A. to file for an ePermit.
  • Student must be cleared of stops
  • Student must have all required immunizations completed.
How do I know whether the course I want to take is equivalent to the one offered at Lehman?
Where do I pay for the courses I take as an ePermit?
  • Students who obtain an ePermit to study at another CUNY college pay tuition and fees to their home school.

Note: If you cannot obtain the class you wish to register for, you must drop your ePermit immediately to avoid incurring any additional charges and fees. Visit Shuster Hall, Rm. 112 to drop your ePermit.

Can I fill out an ePermit once for several courses?
  • No, each permit course requires a separate permit application.
Can I take a course as an ePermit to satisfy the replacement policy?
  • No, if the course was failed at the home college, it must be re-taken at the home college.



How to Apply for an ePermit


  • Select Portal Log-In:


  • Log in to your CUNY portal account:

Note: If you forgot your CUNY username and password, you can reset it directly from the CUNY Portal. For assistance please contact the campus help desk support at Carman Hall Room 108, 718-960-1111, Once in your current CUNY portal page, select ePermit from Student Applications OR from CUNY ePermit:

log in
  • Log in to the CUNY ePERMIT page using your CUNY username and password again:
  • Once the ePermit page displays, select Create New Permit. Be sure to scroll down to read the procedures and requirements for ePermits in this initial screen.

The CUNY Permit Form will display. Make sure that the following areas are selected (some options are in the dropdown menu:

  • Select your Degree Level (Undergraduate student or Graduate student)
  • Select the Semester you are planning to attend (Spring, Summer, or Fall)
  • Select the Host College you are going to take the course.

Select the appropriate certification that you have read and understood the above statements (Steps 1, 2, and 3). Also, you understand that the course you are going to take as an ePermit is required for your degree, if not your Financial Aid will be affected. Select YES if you agree.

If you are a participant in a special undergraduate program. Select Undergraduate Program (Regular Matriculant). If ePermit for study abroad, Select Study Abroad Program.

  • Select Degree requirement Category (General Education Requirement)
  • Select Home College equivalent Course
  • Select Host College Equivalent Course
  • Write a Message to Permit Reviewer
  • Once you click the Submit for Approval button, your ePermit will be placed at the Pending Permits section. This is where you view your ePermit status which is pending 1st Level Approval, 2nd Level Approval or Final Level Approval.
  • Check for any approved permits by clicking All Permits. A menu will display, select *Approved to view/keep track of your approved permits.
  • Check for any cancelled permits by clicking All Permits. A menu will display, select Cancelled to view/keep track of your cancelled permits.
  • Check for any rejected permits by clicking All Permits. A menu will display, select *Rejected to view/keep track of your rejected permits.
  • Keep in mind that ePermits have an open and end date. The system will notify you if you can not apply for an ePermit with a warning dialog box.
  • Always remember to log-off from the system. To avoid any intrusion into your account.

Last modified: Apr 2, 2014

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