The Hospital Tour
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Welcome to the tour! Greetings from Julia

My Mom is my best friend Hanging out with Mom

Here I am with my Mom Parents in the hospital 

Here I am at the piano!  Music as medicine 

all about IVs! Fluid flow facts 

the rest of the scoop! The rest of the scoop 

Guess what this is!! The tourniquet 

My blood pressure and me Pressure, pressure, pressure 

My Dad and Me! Dad and me 

There's nothing like my Spanky! Stuffed friends 

Me and my phone Me and my phone 

Mail means a lot! The meaning of mail 

So why the blowballs?

E.T. phone home

Come learn about the Play Room Hospital work and play 

Busy at Work! Busy at work 

beds and balloons! Beds and balloons

Katie and Larissa at the computerPlaying at the computer

All about hospital food

Social workers are the best Social Workers are great 

I have a very special nurse

I'm in charge, now!!The power of pretending

Did I ever miss her!

A tune for our brotherSisters in the playroom

My family is the best

My student nurse and me! Let the sun shine

Sarah after the fall! After the fall

I'm healing from my accidentIf you have an accident

Calling all clowns! Send in the clowns

Thermometers! Clowning with temperature

Chris under cover! Chris under cover

I can make you feel better! Belly laughs

A guy's best friend! My visitor the dog!

Just me and my doc! Hanging out with my doc!

Everybody needs hugs! The best medicine

Nurses care! Nurses care 24 hours a day

Nurses care! Adventure games?

Help for my hospital friend Help from hospital friend

I'm learning so much!Crystal takes my "vital signs"

I'm in charge, now!Now I'm the one in charge!

Want to learn about my peak flow meter?About my breathing

Come see my cast From traction to cast to home!

Mike teaches about tubesHere's some good news!

I'm going home! Bye bye! We're going home

Just visiting!Just visiting!

Halloween in the hospital

Can you see the oxygen tube in my nose?Here I am at a magic show
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Joan Fleitas, Ed.D., R.N.
Associate Professor of Nursing, Lehman College, CUNY
Bronx, New York 10468

Last updated: November 14, 2004