Just me and my phone


Was I ever happy to learn that I have my own pushbutton telephone in the hospital. That means that I can call my best friend when he gets home from school. He tells me the important things that happen, like Samantha spilling the stuff from the pencil sharpener all over the floor. I almost feel like I'm there, so I know I won't feel like a stranger when I go back to school. Why don't you call your friends when they have to go to the hospital? They'll really like it.

Can you see the strange thing right behind me that looks like a robot's face? It's the control panel on my bed, and when I push the buttons on it, I can make my bed move up and down. Now THAT'S fun!

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Joan Fleitas, Ed.D., R.N.
Associate Professor of Nursing, Lehman College, CUNY
Bronx, New York 10468

Last updated: November 14, 2004