The Power of Pretending

ready for action!

I am ready to operate! You may think that I'm too small to wear these hospital gloves, but I've got big plans for them. When I put them on, I pretend that I'm a grown-up. Sometimes I'm the nurse, and other times I'm the doctor. I am ALWAYS the one in charge, though, and that helps me to feel better about being in the hospital, and it helps me to understand better why the doctors and the nurses sometimes wear gloves when they visit me! Do you know why? Here's a has something to do with germs! Anyway, the other thing I like to do with gloves is to blow them up. That's right, blow them up just like a balloon. Then I tie the bottom into a knot and presto, I've made a little punching bag! 

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Joan Fleitas, Ed.D., R.N.
Associate Professor of Nursing, Lehman College, CUNY
Bronx, New York 10468

Last updated: November 14, 2004