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Counseling Center at Lehman College


What is SEEK?

SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge) is a state funded educational opportunity program of the City University of New York. The SEEK Program provides access to the University’s senior colleges under non-traditional admissions criteria for talented and motivated high school graduates who need academic and financial support.

Applicants accepted to Lehman College under the auspices of SEEK become bona fide Lehman College students. As SEEK students, they register for a full-time day course of study, utilize support services, and meet standard academic performance criteria to maintain matriculation. Support services include the following:

  • Specialized pre-freshman summer program designed to enhance student readiness for full-time college study
  • Individualized professional counseling and advisement in academic, personal, and career development
  • Intensive academic support, including tutoring, small-group course reviews, and study skills training
  • Supplemental financial aid for college-related expenses including fees, books, and supplies subject to the Program's financial availability
  • Extended TAP eligibility. TAP is used to cover tuition costs. SEEK students are eligible for up to 10 semesters of TAP funding (non-SEEK students are limited to eight semesters of TAP)