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Counseling Center at Lehman College

Transfer Students

Transfer students who were enrolled in SEEK, HEOP, or EOP programs in their previous college(s) are eligible for participation in the SEEK Program at Lehman College. Students who were enrolled in the College Discovery (CD) Program and completed their associate degree are also eligible to be part of SEEK.

Transferring to SEEK at Lehman College:
If you are transferring to Lehman College as a SEEK student you must check the SEEK/CD box in the appropriate section of the transfer application. In addition, transfer students who are eligible for the SEEK Program must provide proof of their SEEK/CD, HEOP, or EOP status from prior institutions. You must include the total number of semesters of completed for which you received financial aid.

Welcome to SEEK
Upon admission to Lehman College, transfer students receive:

  • Ttransfer credit evaluation by the Lehman College Office of Admissions.
  • Curriculum evaluation by the Lehman College Office of Academic Advising, Standards, and Evaluation.
  • Pprogram orientation and academic counseling and advising services.
  • Aacademic support including, tutoring and workshops offered by the SEEK Learning Resource Center.

10 Steps Transfer Students must to follow upon receiving a SEEK Acceptance Letter

  1. Visit the Transfer Evaluation office to inquire about credits that were accepted (Shuster #161);
  2. Meet with the Academic Information and Advisement Center for review of the general education curricular requirements and how their transfer credits contribute to their fulfilment and Lehman Colleges academic policies and procedures (Shuster #280);
  3. Visit the SEEK Office and submit a Special Programs Transfer form (Shuster #257);
  4. Schedule an appointment with an assigned SEEK Counselor to discuss major/minor interest (Shuster #257);
  5. Meet with a Financial Aid Officer to confirm SEEK status and financial aid eligibility (Shuster #136);
  6. Obtain a Declaration of Major form upon earning 60 credits (Shuster #106);
  7. Meet with a major advisor for course plan advisement, course permission and signatures;
  8. Register for courses (On-line Only);
  9. Obtain Lehman ID card (where?);
  10. Confirm Lehman email (where?)

The SEEK Program will assist you through these steps until you finally register. Transfer students in the SEEK program are required to meet with their assigned SEEK counselor a minimum of three times during the semester to maintain status in the program and receive program benefits.