Mandatory Wellness Check (Required)

Only essential workers, and those students, faculty and staff with an appointment will be given access to Lehman College campus. Students with in-person classes are not required to make their own appointments, however, they are required to take a self-assed wellness check by app before they come to campus.*

To enable health screening, CUNY has selected the Everbridge Safety Connection Pro/Contact Tracing mobile app, which may be download in the Apple Store or in Google Play.

Starting Aug. 26, students, faculty, staff and visitors planning to come to the Lehman College campus or office for any reason or length of time, will be required to use the app to take a Wellness Check Survey prior to entering the Lehman College campus.

The quick survey involves five short questions and is accessible through Everbridge’s health screening app. Please use this Instructional Guide for accessing and using the app. Visitors should use the Visitors’ Guide for instructions. Based on the answers provided, you will receive confirmation on your phone or email that clears you to enter the college or office. If you answer “No” to all questions, you will be allowed on campus. When you arrive you will then have to show a Public Safety Officer proof of your assessment (only Gates 8 and 5 are open). If you answer “Yes” to ANY question, you must not go to campus. You will not be given access to campus and you may be putting those you come in contact with at risk. Those not cleared to enter will be given additional guidance on what they should do next and accommodations with your instructor will be made. Please review these FAQs if you have a question.

*For anyone without a smart phone, a hard copy Wellness Check form will be available at Gates 5 and 8. However, because the app allows for contactless entry, campus visitors are strongly encouraged to take their assessment by app prior to their visit.

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