Student Life Building

The Student Life Building will remain closed for the Fall 2020 semester. All activities and services are provided online, including the Herbert H. Lehman Food Book.

Campus Life & Leadership

  • Campus Life will cancel all in-person student organization events and meetings during this phase.
  • Campus Life will institute a rolling cancelation date that is 14 days out for in-person student organization meetings (with no set-up needed) and 28 days out for events from the current date. This rolling date will stay in place until a decision is made to reopen. For example, if this phase goes into effect on Monday, October 5, Campus Life would cancel any in-person student organization meetings up to Monday, October 19 and any events up to Monday, November 2.
  • No new in-person meetings/events will be approved or reserved until a date has been set for campus to reopen for these types of activities. 
  • Once a reopen phase’s start date is set and reservation spaces are available, in-person meetings more than 14 days out and events more than 28 days out that meet that phase’s parameters will begin to be approved.
  • Virtual activities and programs will continue to be approved and promoted through social media and Blackboard
  • All student organization offices will be closed and not accessible by students unless special permission is granted by Campus Life.

Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

  • All student conduct meetings (amnesty, coaching, information, hearings, etc.) are occurring via telephone, Zoom, MS Teams or other remote software.
  • Student Interaction/Communication (engagement, support, gatherings, programs, student connectedness)
    • Flexibility is being provided to students with sanction deadlines, student conduct   holds, ability to sign documents, etc.
  • Cleaning Needs
    • Office should be wiped down thoroughly by the Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards prior to moving to remote work
    • Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer are available in the office and are being utilized anytime a staff member has come in-person. Trash is only being deposited in trash cans in public spaces so that cleaning staff do not need to enter the office
  • Continuity of Operations
    • For documents that students need access to, shorter documents are being reviewed via screen share on Zoom meetings. Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards created a Case File Access agreement, which was approved by Dean of Students
    • All student conduct meetings (amnesty, coaching, information, hearings, etc.) are occurring via telephone and/or Zoom
    • Preparation for Title IX hearings via Zoom continues; video Title IX hearings to begin  as allowed
    • Admissions reviews will be completed remotely
    • Background Checks are being completed remotely by the Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards; occasional visits to the office are necessary to check paper files
    • Other administrative responsibilities (Cleary reporting, Foundry set up, police review, etc.) is occurring online/remotely

Student Affairs – Student Service Remote Plans

Counseling Center & Other Health Services

  • The Counseling Center physical location on the main campus will remain closed forgoing in-person service delivery. All clinical, outreach, and support services are provided via virtual platforms including  telephone, Zoom, and telehealth services as appropriate and in alignment with privacy practices (HIPAA/FERPA), ethics, and licensure.  All staff and trainees are working remotely.

Career Exploration and Development Center (CEDC)

  • CEDC was able to smoothly transition to remote services, maintaining business continuity with our respective career management systems, CUNY sponsored programs (e.g. Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams and WebEx) and will continue to provide the same level of support and programming for the upcoming academic year. In the event of an exposure or confirmed COVID test the office will follow CDC guidelines and all work will go remote until reopening is approved by the College.
  • Our virtual services will continue to include: Career Advisement/Counseling, Career Assessments, Job/Internship Search, Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing, Interview Preparation, Webinars and Workshops, Leadership Programs, Mentorship Programs, Industry Career Events and on-campus recruiting (e.g. networking, employer recruitment/information sessions, employer panels, career conversations, career fairs, job/internship fairs), and collaborations with CUNY-wide programs (e.g. CUNY Service Corps, America Needs You Fellows Partner Program, CUNY LEADS, CUNY Edge, and the Federal Work Study Program). CEDC has also acquired online tools in pursuit of resources that provide flexible access to our services. For example, we have a Zoom license to offer students a low bandwidth option to access virtual services.

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