Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment

For the safety of all workers, faculty, students and visitors on campus, masks or face-coverings are not optional, they are mandated by Governor’s Executive Order and are a requirement to be on the Lehman College campus

  • The Governors Executive Order #202.16 directs employers to provide employees in the workplace with masks or face-coverings that must be used – Lehman will provide masks and/or face-coverings.  It is each departmental director, supervisor, chair and/or manager’s responsibility to ensure that there are adequate supplies for all, and are issued to all employees working on campus each week.  The Governors Executive Order #202.17 directs any individual who is over the age of two and able to medically tolerate a face-covering must cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face-covering when in a public place and unable to maintain, or when not maintaining social distance. The Lehman College campus is a public place, in all shared spaces, including campus walkways, entrances and all building lobbies, hallways, bathrooms, elevators, and other spaces that are not your private office or workspace that is not a shared space.  Employees must wear masks or face-coverings in shared locker rooms, bathrooms and workspaces.
  • If there is a medical reason an employee cannot wear a mask or face covering, it must be reported to HR, so an alternative method (i.e., face shield) may be provided to the employee. 
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy and anyone not complying will first be removed from campus to protect the college community with progressive discipline following. 
  • To anonymously report violations of the mandatory face-coverings or other requirements in this return to campus document to the Department of  Administration and Finance and the Department of Human Resources, please use the follow link:


Student Face Mask Accommodations, Modifications, or Exemptions

The Office of Student Disability Services works with students who may require academic accommodations. If a student is unable to wear a mask for health reasons, the student should contact the campus office of disability services. This office will work with the student to help identify arrangements to complete in-person courses in an alternate format. If, however, there is an in-person class that cannot be accommodated in an alternative format, a student may be approved by the CUNY Office of Disability Programs, in consultation with the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, to wear a modified face mask or, in very rare circumstances, no face covering. In this situation, the office of disability services will communicate this information directly to the faculty member. Approved students will also be provided with a written exemption from the CUNY Office of Disability Programs that indicates any modifications or exceptions, which they must carry with them to show faculty if requested. Please note that medical exemptions are extremely rare and are based solely on medical necessity. If a student is exempt from the face mask policy, please consider how to seat students to ensure proper social distancing within a given instructional setting. Questions? Contact the Office of Student Disability Services for more information at or call 718-960-8441, Monday through Friday, 9-5 p.m.

Accommodations for Students with Hearing and Communication Disabilities

Some students with hearing and communication disabilities may need their instructor to wear a clear mask for lip and facial expression purposes. If the student has registered with the college office of disability services and has requested an accommodation for clear masks, the office will reach out to the student’s instructors and provide a clear mask for them to wear while teaching and/or interacting with the student. If you have questions, please contact the Lehman College Office of Student Disability Services at or call 718-960-8441, Monday through Friday, 9-5 p.m.

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