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Finanical Aid Office at Lehman College

Electronic FAFSA Filing Tips

Tips on filing an Electronic FAFSA or Electronic Renewal FAFSA (Print this page for future reference.)

Use a computer that has a printer attached.

Pay attention to the previously implied deadlines.

Follow application instructions carefully. Answer every question that applies to you, your parents, and/or your spouse as required.

Do not use your browser's back page button to return to a previous page in this web site. If you do so, you will erase all of your information and will have to retype everything. Use the Previous Page button at the bottom of the page to return to a previous screen.

Before you start filling out the application, make sure that you have all necessary documents (e.g., income tax return, bank statements, social security and pension records, veteran's records, public assistance documents, etc.).

Remember to include any apartment number in your address. (either Apt. __ or #__)

You must round all amounts to the lowest dollar.

When asked about income from a source that does not give you income, zero is the appropriate answer.

Do not forget to print a Signature Page. If you (and/or your parents, if you are considered a dependent student) do not have a PIN# you must print and sign the Signature Page. Mail the Signature page to the address indicated. However, if you are file an electronic Renewal FAFSA and are an independent student, you will not be given a Signature Page to print. The PIN# that you submitted at the beginning of the FAFSA will serve as your signature. If you are considered a dependent student, your PIN# can still act as your signature, but your parents will be required to sign a Signature Page. In short, if the web site allows you to print a signature page, do so.

Respond quickly to requests from the Financial Aid Office and/or the federal or state governments for additional information regarding application or for supporting documentation (verification). In most instances, the information should be submitted directly to the Financial Aid Office.

Click here For Basic Tips on Filing a Paper FAFSA or Paper Renewal FAFSA.