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Complete Issue/Número completo
Perspectives on Spanish, Latin American and Latinx Television and Cinema
January /Enero 2023 

Essays / Ensayos

Screens and Mirrors: Series and Television

Soul Searching: Alter(nat)ing Realities in Undone

Soul Searching: Chicana Feminist Imaginaries in Undone

Tropicalizing the Netflix Empire: Neocolonialist Renderings of Afro-Cubans on Sky Rojo and Toy Boy

Memory and Ecstasy: Revisiting Canonical Movies

The Aesthetics of Care in Albertina Carri's Los Rubios

Iv.n Zulueta's Arrebato: A Journey Towards Ecstasy

Screening Vampires and Other Monsters of History

Tropical and Millennial Vampires: An Amateur and Exploitation Film (Sangre cubana)

The Spanish Civil War through the Phantasmagorical Lens of Guillermo del Toro

Reading The Screen: Literary Adaptations

Monstrous Desire in Samanta Schweblin's and Claudia Llosa's Distancia de rescate

Reviews / Reseñas

Eric Morales-Franceschini, The Epic of Cuba Libre. Mambí, Mythopoetics, and Liberation. University of Virginia Press, 2022

Eleni Kefala, Buenos Aires Across the Arts. Five and One Theses on Modernity, 1921-1939. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2022

Carlos Gardeazábal Bravo and Kevin G. Guerrieri (eds.), Human Rights in Colombian Literature and Culture: Embodied Enactments, Routledge, 2022

Montero, Óscar J. Azares de lo cubano. Lecturas al margen de la nación. Almenara, 2022.


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