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Academic Standards & Evaluation at Lehman College

Repeating a Course

  • Grades of D and D+: Students, if they wish, may repeat only once courses in which they have earned D grades. The D grade will stand, and the new grade will be averaged in the cumulative index, but the course will be credited only once.
  • Penalty Grades (F, FIN, WU, WN and WN - if taken before Fall 2009): Students may repeat courses in which they received F grades. Within defined guidelines (up to 16 credits), penalty grades (F, FIN, WU) may be removed from the cumulative index. They remain on the transcript. Students should consult with the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation regarding University guidelines affecting the repetition of courses in which a penalty grade has been received.
  • Grades Higher than D+ : If students repeat courses in which they have received grades higher than D, the repeated courses will neither be credited nor counted either in the students' semester or cumulative indices.