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Information Technology

The Mission, Vision, and Values of Lehman College

Mission Statement

Lehman College, an urban public institution and economic and cultural catalyst in the Bronx, is a national engine for social mobility and a vibrant center of discovery and creative work, providing a transformative educational experience while advancing equity, inclusion, and social justice.


Lehman College will be a nationally recognized leader in educational attainment and the expansion of knowledge through innovative curriculum and pedagogy, original research and scholarship, and enhanced digital solutions. The College will be a model of engaged citizenship and a leading force for a more just and sustainable world.


Inspired by the life of our namesake, Herbert H. Lehman, we are committed to the following values: Social Justice: Advocating for human rights, honoring differences, and working towards equality and equity for all. Excellence: Pursuing innovative teaching, research, and scholarship to produce a diverse pipeline of leaders and change agents committed to novel and sustainable solutions and igniting new possibilities. Ethics: Upholding the principles of academic freedom, and demonstrating honesty, integrity, respect, and care in our interactions with others. Diversity and Inclusion: Fostering a campus environment that respects and values diverse perspectives and identities and where all members of the Lehman community experience a remarkable sense of belonging. Service: Empowering the local and international community through the increased engagement of faculty, staff, students, and alumni in outreach and partnerships contributing to individual achievement, economic development, and the common good.