Campus Office Services

Purchasing, printing, duplicating, reprographics and mail delivery are all services that fall under this office’s purview. Campus Office Services coordinates the requisition and purchase of all goods and services, as well as materials, supplies and services required by the College’s Print shop & Copy Center, Mailroom, Central Receiving and Stockroom.

It also maintains usage records and prepares reports and invoices for these services. The goal of this office is to provide quality cost effective academic and administrative support to the Lehman College campus community.

We are located in Shuster Hall and the office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, Monday through Friday.


  • Andrea Pinnock
    Director of Campus Office Services
    Office: Shuster Hall, Room 022
    Phone: 718‐960‐8261
    Fax: 718-960-7392
  • Freddy Leon
    Print Shop Supervisor
    Office: Shuster Hall, Room 056
    Phone: 718‐960‐8450
    Fax: 718-960-8935
  • Brent Smalls
    Mail Services Supervisor
    Office: Shuster Hall, Room 057
    Phone: 718‐960‐8982
    Fax: 718-960-8935
  • Bharat B. Sharma
    Central Stores Supervisor
    Office: Music Building - SB15
    Phone: 718‐960‐8479
    Fax: 718-960-7319

Last modified: Oct 16, 2015

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