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Administration: Office of Campus Activities


Important Notice: Fall 2017 Student Parking (Updated August 25, 2017)

We are quickly approaching full capacity for Fall 2017 Student Parking Permits.

The online system for purchasing Fall 2017 student parking permits is now CLOSED.

At this time, all permits must be bought in person with either check, cash, or money order at the Bursar's Office, Shuster Hall Room 031, while quantities last.

Once we have reached capacity, a waiting list will be made available for students in the Campus Activities Office, Shuster Hall 078.

Student Parking

The cost for students parking is $25 for the Winter Term (Students with Fall 2016 permits do not need to purchase a winter permit), $55 for the Spring Term and $25 for the Summer Term. All student must have completely satisfied all tuition obligations to be eligible for a parking permit. Failure to satisfy all tuition obligations will result in the cancelation of the permit purchase and monies will be refunded to you. Payments must be made at the Bursar's Office, located in Shuster Hall, Room 031. Once you have made your payment either in person or online, you will need to bring your payment receipt and Lehman ID to the Campus Activities Office in Shuster Hall 078 to pick up your permit. You must pick up your parking permit by February 3, 2017 or it will be forfeited.

Lost parking permits are replaced at full cost. Parking spaces are limited and are issued on a first-come first-served basis. Parking may also be purchased online, using our Parking ePayment Website. For more info, please contact the office of Campus Activities at 718-960-8123.

General Faculty and Staff Parking

The cost for Faculty and Staff parking is $185 per year, and $50 for the Summer Term. Payments must be made at Campus Activities Office, located in Shuster Hall, Room 078. Lost parking permits are replaced at full cost. Parking may also be purchased online. For more info, please contact office of Campus Activities at 718-960-8123.

Method of Payments

All in person purchases for parking permits must be made in the Bursar Office, located in Shuster Hall Room 031. Cash, Check and money orders are accepted only.

If you choose to pay by credit card you can do so online at Parking ePayment Website.

Dual Access Lehman ID Cards

Once you have paid for your parking fee, you will be issued a decal and a Dual Access Lehman ID card. Payments of $15 for lost Dual Access Lehman ID Cards are made by cash only in the Campus Activities Office located in Shuster Hall, Room 078.

Parking Procedures and Regulations

There is "No Parking: in the following areas at all times:

  • Any "Reserved Space"
  • Any "Handicapped space" unless:
    • N.Y.S. Disabled License Permit or Plate.
    • Doctors note authorized by the Public Safety Department.
  • In front of a fire hydrant.
  • Entrances or Exits.
  • Any "Restricted Area"
  • Students are only permitted to park on campus for academic purposes.
  • Vehicles parked in violation will be towed at owners own expense.


The College provides Campus Peace Officers for the safety of persons and property. All persons using the campus parking facilities are expected to cooperate with the officers by accepting their directions and suggestions. Officers will place tickets on all vehicles in violation of parking regulations.

As many of you are aware, an unsafe condition exists as students, faculty, and staff attempt to cross the street on Goulden Avenue to access the South Parking Lot. The condition is being created by a constant flow of double-parked cars that impede both vehicular and pedestrian movement in the area.

To alleviate this condition, the Public Safety Department will issue “double-parking Summons’.” Our intention with this initiative is not to cause inconvenience to any member of the College Community but rather to provide a safer environment in that area.


Please be advised that failure to pay parking violations summomses may result in the revocation of your campus parking privileges, deactivation of your dual card and, for students, a negative service indicator will be placed on your CUNYfirst account.

Anyone who repeatedly violates College parking regulations will forfeit their privilege of using the College parking facilities, and will be reported to the proper College authorities

Should it become necessary to remove a vehicle which is found to be in violation of parking regulations, the owner will be liable for all expenses incurred.

If your vehicle is TOWED, report to the Public Safety Department for all the information needed to retrieve your vehicle. The 50th and 52nd Police Precincts (according to where the vehicle is parked) will be notified of the towing occurrence.

Violation Summary

The following is a list of the most common regulation violations:

  • Parking on Campus without a proper Lehman College Parking Sticker/Permit.
  • Parking OVERNIGHT.
  • Failure to park within marked parking spaces.
  • Parking in lanes.
  • Failure to stop at entrances to parking areas.
  • Failure to follow instructions of Public Safety personnel.
  • Failure to comply with posted signs.


  • All persons using the parking facilities on the Lehman College Campus should:
  • Lock their vehicles at all times while vehicles are parked on the Campus.
  • Leave nothing of value on the seat; lock all property in the trunk.
  • Report all complaints to the Department of Public Safety.

This brochure is distributed to facilitate parking on the Lehman College Campus. Your compliance with the enclosed regulations will help us in alleviating some of the problems that are inherent in parking programs. And Please Remember:

Courtesy is Contagious!

This brochure is distributed through the department of Public Safety, located at: APEX Bldg., Room 109, phone: 718-960-8593