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General Resources

Blackboard Online

Lehman Library

Nine Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Tutoring Sessions


Writing Sites

CUNY Write Site

Purdue University Online Writing Lab

Lehman Library Research Guides

Lehman Library Citation Style Guides

UNC Writing Center Writing Handouts

UC Library Guide to Beginning Research


Resource for Students in Social Sciences (Economics, Psychology, Sociology) and Humanities

Columbia University's Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences e-Lessons

Columbia/s QMSS e-lessons provide an overview and definitions of hypothesis testing, the chi-square test, the T-test, ANOVA, and mulitple regression. Appropriate for undergraduate and graduate level students in biostatistics, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology courses.

Introduction to Stata

This UCLA site provides an introduction to Stata as well as examples of how to read and interpret Stata output.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy website provides an overview of core concepts in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Probability and Statistics, as well as of select content in math, science, humanities, and computing. The site also contains some information on Humanities cont

University of Wisconsin at Madison's SPSS Statistics for Students: The Basics

This University of Wisconsin site provides a clear introduction to SPSS (verison 19) and how the software is structured. It does not provide an overview of how to run statistical tests.

APA Style Introduction

American Psychological Association (APA) website tutorial; this site is particularly useful for social sciences students who have no prior knowledge of APA style.


Resource for Students in Science Courses

University of Minnesota Online Learning Resources

This University of Minnesota website provides links to resources for students in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses.


Study Skills and Time Management Sites

Cornell University's Effective Time Management System

Lehman College's Counseling Center Academic Success Workshops

Study Guides and Strategies

How to Study


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