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Child Care Center at Lehman College

About Child Care Center

Mission Statement

The Lehman College Student Child Care Center is committed to providing the children and families of the College's student body with the highest quality early child care programs and support possible.


The Child Care Center's philosophy is to provide an environment where a child’s growth is supported and stimulated in all areas of development. Our program is rich with experiences in art, music, movement, science, language arts, and math, with plenty of room for nurturing individual interests. The teachers feel it’s important for the children to build their understandings through their own individual experiences, thus enabling them to think for themselves and question thoughtfully. In this way, the children know they are competent to learn, to grow, and to trust themselves as well as others.


Your child’s eligibility for the Child Care Center is contingent upon your status as a currently enrolled, matriculated Lehman College student. If at any time you should stop attending classes, your child would no longer be eligible to attend the Center. Child Care services are available ONLY for class-related times and activities on campus. The Center cannot make provisions for times that parents are off campus working or involved in non-class activities.

Financial Statements


Lehman College Child Care Center
2870 Goulden Avenue
Bronx, NY 10468

Phone: 718-960-7436
Fax: 718-960-1164