Updating Personal Information

Lehman College regularly sends communications and alerts to students regarding crucial information such as tuition payment reminders, enrollment reminders, campus activities and events and security and health alerts. Keeping your contact information up to date is key in ensuring students do not miss out on vital information.

Currently enrolled students can view or update their address (Home, Mailing and Billing) in CUNYfirst Student Center. For instructions on how to update your Address in CUNYfirst, click here. To update the Permanent address, students may submit their request by email from their Lehman College email account. Former students or alumni can complete the Personal Data Change Request Form and submit by email. All requests can be emailed to records.transcripts@lehman.cuny.edu.

First semester students should contact the Admissions Office via email at undergraduate.admissions@lehman.cuny.edu, to change their address.

Currently enrolled students can view or update their email address and phone numbers in CUNYfirst Student Center. For instructions on how to update your email and phone number in CUNYfirst, click here. Former students or alumni can complete the Personal Data Change Request Form and submit by email to records.transcripts@lehman.cuny.edu.

Changes or correction of National ID must be accompanied by a completed Personal Data Change Request Form and an original, signed Social Security Card or Taxpayer Identification Number (if student does not have a Social Security number) and government issued Photo ID.

Students must contact our office via email at records.transcripts@lehman.cuny.edu to initiate a change of name using the Personal Data Change Request Form and by providing two (2) types of appropriate legal documentation. The below outlines the types of documents that can be submitted as valid documents. All documents and identification presented must have the current legal name.

  • Marriage- Marriage License and government issued ID  
  • Divorce- Divorce Decree/ Annulment and government issued ID
  • Naturalization- Certificate of Naturalization and government issued ID
  • Court ordered- Final Court order and government issued ID
  • Adoption- Adoption order and government issued ID

Names changes updates will reflect on the student’s official academic, transcript and diploma.

CUNY recognizes the importance that a change of name might have to students during their time with the University. A preferred name is not a legal name, but is generally used to change how others refer to you. For this purpose, students may identify a preferred name to be recorded in the student system. No documentation is required to have a preferred name recorded. For instructions on how to update your preferred name in CUNYfirst, click here.

Documents and records that may display a preferred name include, among other things, course rosters, student identification cards, student email addresses, and other documents issued by the University. A preferred name will not be reflected on, among other things, a student's official academic record, diploma, or transcript. To change the name that is displayed/reflected on official academic record, diploma, or transcript, students must follow the instructions on the Personal Data Change Request Form. Official and legal name changes require specific documentation outlined on that form.

Students should be free to change their gender on all prior, present, and future college records at their discretion. In general, a student's gender is collected for statistical purposes. No documentation is required to change gender in CUNYfirst. The updated gender options in CUNYfirst are male, female, transgender, gender nonconforming, non-binary, a gender not listed, and not specified. Students may select the "a gender not listed" category when they believe that their gender identity is not one of the choices listed. "Not Specified" should be used when they wish to remove the gender notion altogether. Students should complete the Gender Change Request Form and submit it to our office via email at records.transcripts@lehman.cuny.edu.

As a cautionary note, gender change may create data mismatches if students have applied for federal financial aid using a different gender. Therefore, students who change their gender in CUNYfirst should contact the Financial Aid Office to inform them of the change. In addition, students should contact the Social Security Administration to prevent any problems with data mismatches between SSA records and information on file with the United States Department of Education (DOE), which administers federal financial aid programs. While CUNY does not require documentation of gender identity, there may be documentation requirements at these agencies.

When a student requests a name change due to a typographical or other error in University records, the student’s request should be granted after verification that the name change is due to such error. Documents that can assist a college in making this determination include any of the documents listed as appropriate for a name change.