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The Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly

November 2004 – Number 124


In This Issue
Society News


Russell on Matter and Our Knowledge of the External World
Irem Kurstal Steen

A letter to the London Times
Bertrand Russell, with an introduction by Ray Perkins, JR.

Essay Reviews

Wittgenstein and Aesthetics. Review of Peter B. Lewis (ed.), Wittgenstein, Aesthetics and Philosophy, Eran Guter

At Cross Purposes: Atheism and Christianity. Review of Michael Martin, Atheism, Morality and Meaning, Rosalind Carey

Book Review

From Pacifism to Logicism. Review of Alan Schwerin, Bertrand Russell on War, Peace, and Language, Chad Trainer

End Matter

‘On Denoting’ Conference Report, by Nicholas Griffin

In Memoriam, Traveler’s Diary, Treasurer’s Report, GRRS

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